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Happily Ever After:


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I've wanted 2 get that for ages but never have. I think it's just an episode where FP dose the voice 4 a character. I'm not 100% sure tho'. I think it's from 1996. I didn't check your link so i'm not sure how much info is on that page.

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i have it. Its so funny but only bcoz i thought it was hilarious to see Will as pinocchio. He does this childlike voice and Chris Rock does the voice of the grasshopper. At one point they do this song, only Will didnt rap as pinoccio much to my relief.

I dunno if its worth buying, ive only watched it twice and if Will didnt do a voice in it i would think it was rubbish. It is literally for kids and doesnt really have anything an adult could laugh at.

I think it was from the 95/96 era. There are three storys on the DVD, i cant remmember what the others were bcoz i havnt seen them.

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