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Do you?

Rewind to mid-late September 1999, Will Smith's single "Will2K" drops.  A radio-ready Hip-Hop joint that samples The Clash's "Rock The Casbah".  K-Ci added flava with his vocals. "Wild Wild West" was the unofficial lead into the Williennium era, before we knew the follow-up to Big Willie Style was ready to launch.  "Freakin' It" was lined up as the first official single, but when "Will2K" was submitted, it was bumped.

The song did well, getting radio play and lots of spins on MTV.  The song's shelf life was extremely limited, giving it about two and a half months to blaze out since it had to do with Y2K.  The song was performed live, then essentilaly dissolved from pop culture. 

*This video doesn't match up the audio with the video properly. Why doesn't Columbia or WillSmithVevo have the video properly uploaded?


For me, I bump this every New Year's Eve. This time of year is a reminder of how good the song is.  With age, and getting further from (so far) what were some of the best times of my life, it always takes me back to that time. It also causes me to keep Willennium on repeat for a few days. 

I'm just curious if many of you also revisit the song each New Year's. 

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It's a new years anthem to me AJ just like Summertime is you can't get through summer without that song and Will2K just makes bringing in the new year more fun for me personally Willennium era was so much fun 

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