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10 best Fresh Prince Episodes of All time


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Anyways I now annoint the 10 best FP of BA episodes of all time. In no Particular order.

Mistaken Identity (Season 1): Will and Carlton agree to drive Uncle Phil's legal partner's car to Palm Springs for the Weekend. Along the way they get arrested and thrown into Jail with a singing white guy. Line of the Episode.

Will: Carlton this white dude is scaring me.

Carlton: Why?

Will: Every time you see a white guy in Jail you know he did something Bad.

Deck the Halls (Season 1): The first and still the best x-mas episode. Will attempts to show the stuffy Belair locals the x-mas spirit by decking out the banks house in crazy lights. Line of the episode.

(In x-mas decorations store)

Will: I don't know man, is there something in maybe a green or red, or maybe a Santa Claus.

Shopkeeper: It's been done.

Did the Earth Move for You (Season 2): Uncle Phil gets tickets to the People's Choice Awards for the family, but on the way they get caught in an eathquake and Will and his girlfriend are stuck in a closet. Line of the Episode.

Will: (Off-key singing) I'm stuck in a basement, sittin on a tri-cycle, girl gettin on my nerves. Going out of my mind, I thought she was fine, don't know if her body is hers.

Just say Yo (Season 3): Will is getting bogged down with school, work, and a girlfriend so an aquaintance offers him speed to keep him awake. Will doesn't take the speed but keeps it in his locker. Later at the prom, Carlton is rumaging through Will's locker for some Vitamin E for his zit and mistakenly takes the speed. It's a more serious episode dealing with the pressures of drugs and such. Line of the episode.

Will: (Imitating Police Siren to his girlfriend) Somebody call the Cops cuz it got to be illegal to look that good.

Will goes a Courtin' (Season 4): It's the middle of a heat wave and the Pool House has no air-conditioning. Uncle Phil refuses to fix the AC until Will and Carlton pay their rent and forbids them to have a pool party. Will goes right ahead with the party and for their shenanigans Phil tries to sue them for non-payment of rent. Line of the episode.

Phil: (To Carlton) Do you know ho embarrassing it is to have a son who cannot swim? (pop's Carlton's floaty ducky).


Phil: (to neighbours teenage daughter) Get out of here you little tramp, and tell your mother your father has a girlfriend.

Hex and the Single Guy (Season 4): Now while I don't as a christian condone the activity in this episode, it is one heck of a funny episode. The family attends a seance in order to contact Hillary's dead fiance. Will ain't buying it and in the process manages to get himself hexed. The token Halloween episode of the series. Line of the episode.

Phil: (to Carlton) Who are you supposed to be.

Carlton: Macauly Culkin, my idol. Hey you wanna know why he's my idol? Because his movies have grossed over a billion dollars at the box office. Not to mention he's one Heck of an actor.

The Philadelphia Story (Season 4): Will and the Family go to visit his mom in Philly. In the process Will has to defend his reputation as a coward for running from the "one little fight". Line of the episode.

Will: (To his friends) Man Omar was one bad dude. Hey remember when he stole the principal's car just to run him over.

Will's Misery (Season 5): Will and Lisa spend a night at a cabin in the woods, but little does Will know that he's being set up for a sorority prank. This is prolly my personal favourite episode. Line of the episode.

Lisa: (after smearing lipstick all over her face) I just wanna look extra special for you.

Will (very uneasy) and you do baby.....you do.

Viva Lost Wages (Season 6): Will and Carlton spend a weekend in Vegas where they gamble away all their money and have to enter a Dance Contest in order to get home. Line of the episode.

Actually not really a line but the dance constest is hilarious.

The Baby Comes Out (Season 3): Aunt Viv is about ready to give birth to Nicky, but the gang find themselves in different locations trying to assist in the delivery. Line of the episode.

Phil: Everyone wake up...VIVIAN's HAVING THE BABY

(Will Screams)

Phil: Come on don't panic.

Will: It not that.....you don't have no drawers on.

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