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Happy Thanksgiving 2017 JJFP.com Peeps!


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hey JJFP fam i just wanted to share how thankful i am once again for this board, it's brought me through a lot of dark times, especially recently, it's now fitting with the 20th anniversary of Big Willie Style how relevant real hip hop music is, god bless always, btw check out this recent poem I wrote "Time Of Season" fitting for these trying times:

i know some of us feel sad
since it's not the same as the past
but if we give thanks for what we have
we learn to feel more glad
and things don't seem so bad
it's really a refreshed perspective
making the best of the lessons
even when we can't see it
the best is really still ahead
there will be an end of debt
to a feeling that's more blessed
able to achieve like acing tests
doing much more than breaking even
there's more releasing of feelings
spreading love this time of season
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Happy Holiday Season's Greetings 2017 Into 2018 JJFP fam, let's pray for more love, goodwill, health, and some new JJFP music in the upcoming year....

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merry christmas 2017, here's a new song i wrote for the holiday yesterday called "full of love", i'll be doing more recording in 2018 when i get a new laptop, my current laptop doesn't have much memory:

season's greetings
being full of love
as we keep proceeding
there's not a need to shove
a righteous feeling
sent from up above
with the heart of jesus
there won't be a slump
since this time is full of love
no need to act preachy
but i'm giving to the needy
a devoted type of feeling
the true christmas meaning
it's bigger than just religion
or putting words together in a poem
it's about good will towards men
and being respectful towards women
who grow up to become mothers
this is a vital lesson for the brothers
we need to check how we treat each other
each day that we wake up to discover
having a stable mood that recovers
like la bouche having you be my lover
since there's enough tension in the world
love making needs to be top concern
as i contemplate on each bible verse
dreaming of each christmas being white
the perspective is key to life
having true joy being at my side
don't go through life all selfish
you need a fresh perspective
having peace of mind and health
and a strong personal relationship
is what's most important
in 2018 there will be big time gm recordings
in 2017 it was all ignited writings
and keeping mind sharpened
living through all tests
with a strength enormous
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