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Will Smith with Zane Lowe

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The JJ+FP tour is BIG NEWS.  We already knew he's recorded a good bit of material for his next album and that he was selective with he's done so far. We also knew Bad Boys 3 was on its way.  He's not saying too much here that should be a surprise to any big fan (on this board), but it feels so darn good hearing him say it all..lol.

I like the optimism and fire in his voice as he discusses new music and how he's experimenting.  While it sounds like he won't be dropping an album as soon as we'd hope, considering they just released that remix, it's good to know he's made the commitment to music. He wouldn't have elaborated they way he did if he wasn't sure it was coming. There's more confidence in this interview compared to the early ones of him working with Kanye and Drake when they first occurred.

I like that this interview is full of a few of his traditional inspirational quotes in life and work ethic.  It's surprising that Bad Boys 3 could come as soon as it is. I suppose they are much further in development than we expected.  Even though Men In Black 3 turned out great, hopefully they won't be shooting Bad Boys 3 while the script is still being worked on.

Lastly, this tour is going to be dope. I love that it's finally happening.  I believe the guys are going to have an amazing time....just as much as the fans are.  Their catalog is going to be revisited and rediscovered by thousands, if not millions because of this.  Perhaps it'll lead to a full-on JJ+FP album.  I can't wait for the dates, I'll see as many shows that are reasonably close.

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