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June 25, 2002 Born To Reign Was Released

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I know this album gets a lot of hate over the years and I probably consider it one of his weakest too but I thought it was still one of the better albums out at that time, I liked it better than Eminem's Eminem Show and Nelly's Nellyville! Some of my favorite songs from it are "Born To Reign"(now if he kept that flow up for the whole album it'd been classic I'll admit), "Block Party", "As The Beat Goes", "Act Like You Know", "Give Me Tonite", "1000 Kisses" and even "Black Suits Comin"(Nod Ya Head) was dope even though it didn't top the original MIB song, I give it a solid B- rating on the 13th anniversary, I usually play it more this time of year, it's still better than the young money garbage out today and even the better rappers of today like kendrick lamar and j cole have trouble getting albums on this level...


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I think it is a good album. I guess it is just not the Will Smith people wanted at the time, which is why it has a bad reputation. That never affected me though. I do think some of the production was very much a product of it's time and did not age very well, for example songs like Act Like You Know. However, songs like Maybe, 1000 Kisses and Block Party are still some of my favorite songs of all time. Especially 1000 Kisses and Maybe exemplify what is still so great about the album. This album was never about spitting and ironically the songs that focus less on that turned out to be the most timeless ones, at least in my opinion. My favorite track is probably Nothing On My Mind, which sadly wasn't on all versions of the album. 

Also, I love Tra-Knox.

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i thought that the chemistry between will and tra knox on this album went really well as well, tra knox should still be in the game and this album i thought is an experimental album just like what rappers in the 2000s like kanye west and b.o.b. started doing after so it shows you how influential will is musically...

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