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I've ever really been a vinyl collector. I picked up both of Jeff'sMagnificent EP's that came out, and i own a 2 Too Many 12" single with some Jeff remixes on and a comp calle WORD2 with New Kids on The Block on.  But for my birthday my girlfriend surprised me with the first three albums on Vinyl. Very cool to own a physical copy of something with the original GANBT on and a the original cover for Rock the House.  He's The DJ.. is awesome cos a few of the later tracks are extended versions.  But annoyingly (Due to length on a vinyl)  And In This corner doesn't include The Girlie had a moustache or my fave from the album, Jeff was on the beatbox.


Still pretty awesome to have them i guess though.

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Awesome gifts!  When it comes to their albums, I only have the the original version of Rock The House on vinyl.  I mostly got the singles for the remixes and alternate tracks that didn't make it to CD singles/promos.  I've meant to get He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper on vinyl for ages.  The extended versions are on the cassette release too, which is what I grew up on, so when I finally got it on CD when I was 18, I was bummed about the shortened versions.  I didn't know And In This Corner... didn't have all of the tracks on the vinyl version.  The US vinyl single for "I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson" has "Jeff Waz On The Beat Box" on it...the extended version and the instrumental.  :)

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