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I'm looking forward to 2015 to being a big year for me, family, friends, and of course the JJFP.com fam, 2014 was a year of resurgance for me as I reflect, sure the state of hip hop ain't as strong as it used to be but my love of the game has grown to it's highest since I was in high school and I'm writing songs at a frequent pace like I did when I joined the board back in 2004, in 2014 the mixtapes by 2 JJFP.com friends in Kel Spence and Dayne Jordan were big influence on me rekindling the love of the game! God willing my goal is to put out an album of my own this year, I'm gonna announce it here now that I plan to call it "Starting Over" 'cause I've had to rebuild and restart certain parts of my life over the past few years or so, I wanna share this track, my year end wrap up and goodwill for the new year song "2014 Year Of Resurgance(Goodwill for '15), peace and god bless JJFP.com fam, much love to DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kel Spencer, Dayne Jordan, and Fresh Prince(get back to the mic ASAP my brother, hip hop needs you badly!)

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