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"Breakin' The Rough Hits" Over Mobb Deep Inst.


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i did this over mobb deep's "give up the goods" instrumental,enjoy and feedback appreciated:
uh yeah i'mma focus in
breaking the rough hits
focus in with the rucheous
ah yeah check it

check the percentage of emcees that get burned
since this is the gm master of hip hop form
the wreckage of degrees on my turn
each word is slick within the verse
like mobb deep this is infamous hard
stepping up in the battle field with the scars
while you're bragging about jewels and cars
in reality i'm the one that's living large
since i'm giving it all within my heart
all the blood, sweat, and tears are poured
so that means i'll no longer be poor
when you see this hittin' on the billboards
and your favorite rapper will be jarred
like a jar of tomato sauce
guts spilled all over
the craziest thing is that i'm sober
and i'm still able to spazz out on each record
you must a dummy if you think all rappers are junkies
sounding all clumsy, you can't bust me

uh yeah i'mma focus in
breaking the rough hits
focus in with the raucheous
ah yeah check it

you're unable to follow instructions
that's how you end up with a concussion
you're the joke in every discussion
and you got the nerve to be frontin'
that's how i break off a lil' somethin'
when i'm comin' with my rough hits
reppin' the jersey shore to the fullest
i don't know who you think you're foolin'
as you're gettin' grilled like barbeque chicken
since my grooves are persisting
back in 2003 i was fulfillin' the hittin'
but now in 2014 emcees are feelin' hells' kitchen
there's no way to be dodgin' these bullets
i put all your garbage to an ending
when i come the hardest and representin'
so there's no chance to be pickin' up a weapon
since my lyrics are like a lethal injection

uh yeah i'mma focus in
since the victory's comin'
with more rough hits
before the tour quits
so check it

the flow's at a top notch caliber
remaining open in the hip hop world
playing strong to impress y'all girls
like i mentioned it's my chance to rule the world
so even if you decide to take a negative turn
all you gotta do is put on this record
and you'll no longer feel hurt
the shorties are inspired from a true baller
like public enemy i'm coming harder than you think
to defeat me they'll have to throw the kitchen sink
while i bring the connection for the dimes to link
j-lo once said love don't cost a thing
the truth is that it's a priceless feeling
like the chicago bulls winning the championship
it's a teamwork commitment for the ring
no matter how much you fake rappers talk about bling
like dmx i got y'all slippin' and fallin'
you can't recover from that negative talkin'

uh yeah i'm lovin' it
and i ain't talkin'
about a big mac on this record
i'm talking about the rough hits
it's time to check it
you can't be actin' wreckless
when it comes to the rough hits
shout out to mobb deep who rep queensbridge
and shout out to the shores of jersey once again

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