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I just wanted to share my acting website with you guys. After it was pointed out that you've never heard me before in the post about Jeff's b-day, it prompted me to share it. You can't REALLY hear me on my website, but there is a short video for The Church of Diminishing Marginal Returns. I actually debated putting it up because it was the first rehearsal that we were off-book and since I was in another show at the time, I didn't really have confidence behind the lines. I'm using a high pitch voice for a very goodie-goodie character, so it's nothing like me, but it's something. I actually kind of hate it. Maybe in the future I'll have some more performance footage up. I hate watching myself, so I'm always hesitant to do it.

Anyways, the website is really just in place so I can put it on my acting resume. That way a director who doesn't know me can reference it and find out more about me and see some pictures of my performances (since some people lie about their experience). I take my acting seriously, yet I don't have any professional training. I think the website is an honest reflection of the kind of performer I am. I do have good following in the area, but I don't see people checking my website for updates...lol


I'm not a webdesigner, so it is basic...and on a free website, but let me know if you have any suggestions.

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Great stuff AJ... The clip you linked to is great and really shows your ability to act! No reason to hate it all. Although I know all too well how critical actors can get when seeing themselves on screen. I was exactly the same.

I think it is a good website which would give any casting director more information about you and your experiences. Are you looking to get into TV/Film or are you happy in the theater/stage world?

One thing I would suggest you do is get a good showreel together. This is invaluable to casting directors to see you ability to play a range of different characters especially when auditioning for film/TV/Commercials.

Great job dude!

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I'd love to have something like that, but since shows are protected by copyright laws, very few of them get any of them documented. I have some footage of my favorite shows, but the quality is terrible/embarrassing. None of those are my videos are mine, I simply dug around on YouTube to find them...lol

I'm mostly focused in theater, but I'm always interested in film. They are two completely different animals. 99% of everything shooting in my area is indie stuff, which typically have lackluster stories. I haven't a fan of those movies when I see them, doing it locally certainly isn't very motivating.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Hey AJ nice work! Thats a very impressive credits list! I gotta say i always enjoy the photos from your shows on Facebook its good to see all the hard work you've put into acting! Theatre is just a great experience!

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