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Props Tim!

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Jeff should put out a autobiography of his life and career, he always has great insight

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Hey guys,

Obviously I'm in a position where I get to speak with Jeff everyday and hear a lot of stories but I can honestly say he amazes me all the time. Having had a 30+ year career, sometimes I forget that he's been involved in music, and so many different aspects of the business, for a very long time. I wanted to share this story with you because even in my position, I still get star-struck and/or amazed talking with Jeff.

We were having breakfast a few weeks ago, (Jeff had 2 chocolate pudding cups and a cup of coffee lol) and we were talking about his mom. He was telling me that his mom never wanted to be front and center talking to press or anything like that and always kept him grounded, even at the height of JJFP. He said that they had "won an award" and there was a huge crowd waiting for him and Will at the airport and followed by a huge celebratory party being held at Jeff's mom's house. He said that in the middle of the party, his mom ran out of bread so she called him over, gave him $5 and told him to go to the corner store and buy bread. Jeff tried to protest saying, "but mom, this party is for me, we just won this big award". His mom said, "get your butt to the corner store and buy me that bread". He said it didn't matter to her that they were "famous" he needed to go and get the damn bread.

Fast forward to a few weeks later. I was looking for a particular video of him on youtube and started watching some old JJFP interviews.

I randomly stumbled upon this:

I was shocked. Jeff had literally told me this story over breakfast and to hear it be part of an acceptance speech, 20 year prior was mind boggling. I called him and said, "hey remember that story blah blah blah" and showed him the video. He laughed.

Most of you have met Jeff and know that he is extremely humble. I told Jeff that every now and again I get caught off guard because I'm not talking to Jeff, my boss, or Jeff, my friend, I'm actually talking to "THE DJ JAZZY JEFF" and this was one of those moments to for me. He laughed again and said he knows how I feel because sometimes he forgets that he's that guy too.

So I agree, he needs to write and autobiography!

I'm glad you enjoyed the Spin Doctor Q&A. It was really important for him to give back and talk to the DJ community for a little bit.

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I love that story from Jeff... i think his Mum had it spot on though with regards to keeping him grounded. A lot of the problems with "celebrities" today (especially child/teenage ones) is that they start to believe the hype and get above their stations! Jeff is ridiculously humble and that just makes his career and achievements seem even more amazing! What's even greater is that i believe we have sooooooo much more from Jeff to come!

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Nicole that is a hilarious story! I still get star-struck too like I just want to ait and talk about so many things with him but only have a quick minute or two at a show so I'm speechless or its a few rapid-fire questions hahah.

He definitely has the perfect level of fame. 2-time Grammy award winner, millions of albums/records sold worldwide, on the TV show and yet he can still go shop at the mall and be left alone...lol. On top of all the fame, he is genuinely one of the nicest people I ever met.

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