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October UK/Europe Tour [Confirmed dates Inside]


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Just got the full club list from Jeff's agent:

3 joy eslava madrid
4 mint warehouse leeds
5 the garage london
6 coupole biel
7 belgium tba
8 off day
9 spensleys emporium middlesbrough uk
10 neuchatel switz – venue tba
11 saint bar warwick uk
12 tube station berlin
13 WKND lugano switz
14 café opera stockholm
20 cape town international convention centre

Hope this helps!

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Just booked my hostel. About 2 miles from the venue but easily get to able. My friend Alan is joining us. Not overly a Hip-Hop head but he'll learn and he does own Willenium ;) No Mario i'm afraid this time

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Met Richard Crook today, he was one of the first to contact me on the site, along with AJ many many years ago! he was more email/IM/facebook than the forum..but we've been in contact when he was in japan,new york..and he happened to be in melbourne.. he was always on the search for those b-sides..and i was the one who introduced him to ebay! anyway he is going to be back home in london next week so he is also on board for the london october 5 show!

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Hey everyone,

Cris is the videographer as part of Jeff's crew and he's been doing all the recent videos for djjazzyjeff.com of Jeff on tour etc.. Jeff wants us as part of his European Tour footage.. so we need to arrange a time with Cris so they can film us.. does anyone know what time we could all be able to get together on Friday? Brakes what time will you be able to get into the city..and Kev & Julie what time would you arrive? Once again it would be great to have as many people from the web site at this London show because we get to be part of the filming as well!

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