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I wrote this right after I bought the Lost and Found CD almost 7 years ago, the happiest moment of my life so far!!

“Big Ted's JJFP Anthem For Lost and Found” (JJFP 1985-2005 and beyond)

Hook(Big Ted Chantin'):
Even when I get signed
JJFP will still be the greatest of all time
Nothing will ever change my mind
'Cause if it wasn't for them my hip-hop knowledge would be blind
Unique individuals continually shine
Black/white/rich/poor peeps all relate to their vibe
Their creativity represent the ways of life

Verse One:
Now in this year of 2005
Once again Jazzy Jeff's on the wheels and The Fresh Prince is on the mic
To burn all competitors since they're the top duo of all time
“Y'all know” what happens when Jeff's cuts back up The Prince's rhymes
It's a moment of monogomy like “Summertime”
But let's go back to year 1985
Which was the 1st year of my life
And the moment when these two forces combined
Then a year later in '86
The release of “Girls Ain't Nothin' But Trouble” would hit
The b-boy circles and block parties formed a moment of bliss
They'd rock the house as the freshest
Then in '88 they released a classic disc
“He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper”
They'd reign as hip-hop masters
Winnin' the 1st grammy in the music's history for “Parents Just Don't Understand”
So all those hip-hop non-believers were slammed
'Cause like FP said: “I told my mother I could never make a wack jam”
And the duo took even further command
When Quincy Jones offered them a plan
Of turnin' their hip-hop dominance into a TV show that was seen across the lands
Starting in '90, “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air”
Took hip-hop to a place that nobody else could compare
Of sayin' they did 'cause this cross-over of hip-hop opened a lot of doors for hip-hop artists
Now the industry's a billion-dollar industry in the stock market
With mcs on the red carpet
[Repeat Hook]

Verse Two:
“And In This Corner” they vetoed fake crews like the supreme court
Cuttin' no slack in the music
There was haters talkin' foolish
Sayin' that their style was soft since other rappers started rhymin' about bustin' bullets
Too many started going on that gangsta tip talkin' stupid
So they'd set 'em straight on “Code Red”
Showin' those haters they never lost their street sense
Yet they still kept the music positive
A lil' “Somethin' Like Dis” would remind that they never forgot about their “Homebase”
Even though you'd see them on your TVs on Monday
And now it's actually shown everyday
But anyways we'd then see FP doin' blockbuster classic movies like “Bad Boys” and “Independance Day”
While Jazzy Jeff was on the low still rockin' crowds with turntable displays
It still wasn't the same feelin' until they decided to concentrate workin' on “Big Willie Style”
Which would be released in '97
That's when I started to get into their music
I only knew them from watchin' them on my TV set when I was 10
I didn't know that the Fresh Prince was a lyricist until I heard “Just Crusin'”
And a year later I was blown away when I heard the transformer scratches from Jazzy Jeff
When I bought their “Greatest Hits”
We've been “So Fresh” throughout this “Willenium”
[Repeat Hook]

Verse Two:
They worked together on 7 of the 8 Fresh Prince discs
Up to this point, even though FP has been “Born To Reign”
The diehearts like myself that he wasn't gonna be supreme without Jeff's scratches
So now once again it's about to happen
Don't sleep on Jeff 'cause he got his “A Touch Of Jazz” label established
We're preparing for “The Return Of The Magnificent” turntable assassin
Just when everyone has thought Fresh Prince was gonna just stay acting
The critics will see the sustaining passion
Once again they'll be lost 'cause Philly's finest has found the interaction
To bring us more anthems
The critics will once again be sayin' “I Wish I Made That”
Who knows what the future holds for them
The White House might be the future home of Fresh Prince
And they'll be a party thrown by “The Magnificent” with fellow hip-hop heads in attendance
This might sound a bit of a stretch
Or a “shadow dream” for some
But who would've thought that 2 kids from West Philly
Would be having 2 decades of longevity
So anythin' that comes their way from this point on as “potnas”, they'll always stay “Numero Uno” on the scene
Their “Love For The Game” and fighting through “The Rain” is an inspiration for you and me
“Tell Me Why” you'd doubt their legacy
[Repeat Hook]

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I'm bumping this up since we're doing tributes to JJFP for Jeff's birthday

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