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I wrote this rhyme back in the day, the true heads that were on the forum back in 2005 probably remember this, back when we were all waiting for "Lost and Found" to drop, I was hoping the Eagles would win so JJFP would make their own song as well just like how LL Cool J has done this year with the Giants winning:

“ '05 PE Super Bowl Anthem”
A dynasty in the making
PE's “Fightin' The Power” and breaking
Other teams who're cowards that start shaking
When they see PE on the schedule they just hate it
They'll all taste defeat, so face it
PE's got the true dynasty now and'll dominate the Patriots
To get known in NFL history as the greatest

Verse One:
April '99 marked the start of this dynasty
Before then there were hard times for PE
Back in '98, they were only 3-13
On the other end of history
Only the die-hard fans were down with the team
And many have jumped on this bandwagon now 'cause of victories
But that day in '99 was when they drafted a QB
After hiring head coach Andy Reid
Who has lead playoff pushes since the Y2K
Mcnabb has been the one to lead the way
When he retires he'll be compared to Marino and Elway
As one of the greatest QB's that have ever played
Of course he wouldn't be nothin' if the offensive line didn't dominate
Tra Thomas and Jon Runyan have had his back
They're lineman beasts who don't give up the sacks
They're the type of lineman who'll lead Mcnabb's longevity to last
As the opposing 'D' falls flat
To build a dynasty is a tall task
4 Straight titles in the NFC East exhibits the raw craft
Has been designed and chemistry has always clawed to attract
The best players to perform with 100% effort stacked
In the NFL there's never a moment to slack
'Nuff props to the ownership and coaching staff
Who put time in to focus making game plans
Westbrook has become a stable running back
Look at the total yardage from scrimabe he has
A jack of all trades is what he's known as
If you need big yardage call Fredex
He made that clutch catch last year on 4th and 26
And also stepped up this year in the playoffs when PE lost Terrell Owens
I'll get more into giving props to Owens in a minute
But when you're looking for top tight ends
Look no further and you'll find Chad Lewis and L.J. Smith
They've made opposing defenders look mad foolish
As for the 'D', PE's got a lot of weapons charging
Brian Dawkins' leadership go the secondary sparkling
He's been on PE since '96, being through the dark and bright moments
Jerimiah Trotter, Hollis Thomas, and Corey Simon also take no garbage
I can't forget about Mark Simoneau and Hugh Douglas
That 'D's delivering hard hits
PE's “Shuttin' Down” them haters
The cheering crowd of tailgators
Know all about the winning field goals from David Akers
[Repeat Chorus]

Verse Two:
There's a lot of jealousy that occurs
Opponents plottin' for PE to go backwards
Week after week they had to learn
That there's no relief when their plans don't work
They can't match the schemes that we interacted to burn
Competition who thought that plan would reverse
From 3 years of not getting over the hump
They wanted PE to self-destruct
Sayin' that the winning days would be outnumbered
When the media wanted PE and their fans to feel cursed
So nobody would wanna play for the birds
But then before last summer
PE landed both Terrell Owens and Jevon Kearse
Now all them punks felt remorse
For those words they spoke
The offense has been able to explode
Thanks to the plays of TO
Mcnabb has eclerated with the extra option that came to show
Silencin' critics thoughts of how team chemistry would unfold
By adding another marquee player to the mold
But it only benefitted adding more weapons to the arsenal
All the drama and controversy never overshadowed the master goal
Kearse has lived up to the hype as well
Giving opposing quarterbacks all types of hell
The Lombardi trophy's up for grabs, so it's time to excell
Let's kick back and check the scene
This moment will last long in our memories
As we're able to witness true power of this destiny
The master coach Andy Reid will charge PE
'Cause they'll prove to have more heart
Than Bill Bellicheck and company
Once again like I mentioned in the chorus, this is history in the making
The Lombardi trophy's what PE'll be taking
[Repeat Chorus]

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