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Same Title, Different Song. Which is Better.

Big Ben

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I thought of a fun game we could play, guess it's not necessarily a game but anyway. The goal here is to put up two songs that have the same title but are different and unrelated. And of course to see which one everyone like better.

Dr Dre: The Next Episode.

Tone Loc: Next Episode. (sorry no youtube link)

Which one do you like better? And if you've got two songs, put 'em up.

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this sounds like a fun idea, never heard of the tone-loc track but the dr. dre song is a classic, here's some more classics:
dr. dre feat. mary j. blige and rell "the message"

nas "the message"

grandmaster flash and the furious five "the message"
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montell jordan feat. redman "anything"

jaheim feat. next "anything"
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earth wind and fire "on your face"

mc hammer "on your face"

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will smith feat. jill scott "the rain"(since this is a will smith site i'm sure we all heard it but i post it anyway)

b.o.b. "the rain"

dmx "the rain"
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I'm going to have to DR Dre, Montell Jordan, and a tie between hammer and EWF. For the Rain That's a bit tough, I like all three artist and each one has, in a sense, found a different way to take the rain concept. I'd have to say creatively I prefer Will Smith, but it's all subjective to my mood.

Will Smith: Act Like You Know

Pete Rock and CL Smooth: Act Like You Know

I'd have to vote for Pete Rock and CL Smooth.

DJ Jazzy Jeff Feat CL Smooth: All I Know

B.O.B.: All I Know (sorry no DJ less version on youtube)

And for that I'm going with Jazzy and CL.

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yeah i'd say the rain is creatively done by all 3 mcs, ewf and hammer both did their thing, and grandmaster flash and the furious five song influenced so many mcs since it was released over 30 years ago, jaheim and next song is a lil' bit better than montell jordan but that's classic too, will's "act like you know" is probably one of my favorites from "born to reign" but that pete rock and cl smooth is a classic, jazzy jeff and cl smooth song is classic too:

celine dion "i love you"

faith evans "i love you"
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i can't decide between these 2 classics:

eric b. and rakim "in the ghetto"

busta rhymes and rick james "in the ghetto"
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a couple uplifting songs with the same title:
r. kelly "the storm is over now"

kirk franklin "the storm is over now"
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Figured I'd bring this back up. Which one do you like more?

Ali Dee - Batter Up

Nelly - Batter Up

Speaking of Nelly... Who Was Rocking the Band-Aid long before him?

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