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The Shield

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Hello !

I am an absolute, huge fan of the TV show The Shield, and I decide to create this topic to talk about it !
I just finished again the 7 seasons, and I'm an other time just amazed !
I noticed this is a quite anonymous show, it's not very known (at least in France). But people whom knows it are huge fans, and the fan database is really intense !
There were a few forums, notably a french one and an american one, but the boards are closed since a few times :(



Vic Mackey is the leader of the Strike Team, a special unit from the Farmington Police Department in Los Angeles. Working at the Barn (the police station), he uses some unusuals and on the edge methods. But him and his guys are also very effective.


Created by : Shawn Ryan Number of seasons : 7 Years : 2001 - 2008 Running time : 45 minutes Original channel : FX Networks

Genre : Drama


Walton Goggins Jay Karnes CCH Pounder Benito Martinez Catherine Dent Michael Jace Kenneth Johnson Cathy Cahlin Ryan David Rees Snell Paula Garces David Marciano

Michael Chiklis


These clips may contain spoilers


(The last clip is amazing. This is the closing theme (credits) of the last episode. When you have seen the last episode, with all the emotion and everything, and you see that closing theme... just a-m-a-z-i-n-g. When I saw it (for the second time), I just wanted to watch the seven seasons again)

This is an other, a new kind of tv show.
There are no heroes, no bad guys/good guys. Everybody have good and bad sides (not black, not white, but all grey).
It's looks like a documentary, you are not watching the action, but you are in the action.
It feels real, actors and guests are real and not overacting (at least not too much).
They are really really good to choose amazing songs, and sometimes, music is perfect for the scene and the lyrics are matching with the action !

I think you're understanding one thing : I'm a huge fan of The Shield !!

So if you're a fan too, and want to talk about it, or maybe if you don't know this TV show and want to discover it...

If you are a fan, a few questions to know more :

  • What is your favorite character ?
  • What is your favorite Strike Team Member ?
  • Who is the best actor in the show (in your opinion) ?

For me :
  • What is your favorite character ? Shane. But the following question is about the ST, so I'll say... maybe Dutch. He's funny and effective !
  • What is your favorite Strike Team Member ? Shane, without any doubt. I'm maybe the only in the world, but I am.
  • Who is the best actor in the show (in your opinion) ? Walton Goggins is amazing. Jay Karnes too !
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I've always wanted to watch this show, but I haven't had a chance yet. I'll probably do it during the summer holidays. Looks great to be honest, thanks for the recommendation man.

I just finished watching 'Lost' and 'The Pacific', so I've started watching 'The Wire'. It's really cool, love it. Oh, and I can't wait for the fifth season of 'Dexter'. That show is simply brilliant!

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I saw the show a couple of times, and I cant say I didnt like it, it was good! But I was watching too many series back then so I had to neglet this one. When Im done with this next exam I might give it a try since there will be no more flash foward.. Thanks for this topic Romano, I should do one about my favorite show right now Which is BURN NOTICE!

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