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Will Smith`s Weird Ending Clause


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If you have recently found yourself feeling a little lost after leaving the theater of a Will Smith film, it`s ok - you`re supposed to. This is completely normal, and in no way caused by you, response is due to a rider in Will Smith`s current movie contract. This rider in no way changes his salary, affects his commission or royalties, nor restricts him from adding to soundtracks; it does however grant him full creative rights over the 4th quarter of the script. It is at this point in the pre-production process where Will Smith will do re-writes, edits, and augmentations to the script in which the story will be altered to accommodate a new ending that Will Smith has come up with independently, well before the original story for the movie was written.

After the final draft has been written by and then approved that same day in the same room without interruption by Will Smith, the production process begins, no other actor of executive questions it, and Will Smith`s IMDB profile gets a billion more hits. The trailer may compromise the plot and give away key scenes but the new ending will remain pure and untouched. Possibly deterring fans from seeing the movie because the movie seems predictable or trite, thus affecting the co-stars but not Will Smith.

Will Smith will still draw in the audiences when word gets out that it`s good "the ending is different "but it`s good, I think. I don`t know, maybe you should just wait till it`s on TV. Nobody has enough will power to side step that kind of curiosity that review will elicit.

Nobody is exactly sure when the ride was put into effect. It was more than evident in late 2006 and since has been in full bloom, although leaving many wondering if it first occurred in Men In Black 2 or the odd leg shot of Gene Hackman in Enemy of the State. If it did occur in the latter, the rider obviously laid dormant for such movies as Ali and Shark Tale. Sometime around 1998, though, it seems apparent that Will Smith started writing and compiling new endings for future projects. It also seems that Will Smith did not mean to plan too far ahead nor mix and match endings to plots - this has been theorized by remixing endings of his projects and finding that the ending of Seven Pounds would fit perfectly at the end of Shark Tale (a movie where the rider was not acknowledged) as well as the out of place and forced theme of fate at the end of I Am Legend, which suspiciously fits comfortably at the end of 2005`s Hitch and 2006`s The Pursuit of Happyness.

These endings may have been scrambled and out of place due to some mild confusion in 2000 when Will Smith did some acting for a Men In Black ride at Universal Studios in which Will Smith already used up a very appropriate ending for a Men In Black story with two Rosario Dawson endings to come up with in the near future while being fresh out of ideas.

Evidence appears to point to an unorganized system that Will Smith has been employing from around the late 90`s. If any of you have researched him lately, you know he has many projects coming up and this two year hiatus has hopefully been spent on writing new, original endings.


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I believe the writer was trying to be funny and make fun of Will's movies.

Cause people mad at his success...

For the record, i've never left a WS movie feeling confused.

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I dont know why people lose their time writing stuff like this.. I dont know who would feel confused by seeing Will being happy because he won a job in a prestigious investments firm.. Men in black endings are kinda weird,m but funny and enlightning as well since they seem to show how little we really are in the universe..

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