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AOL's Boombox had this article based on T-Boz's interview on Monique's show. This proves TLC was the thugs of the industry. Ha ha...they kick Puffy out of meetings in his heyday.


TLC Member T-Boz Reveals Holding Clive Davis at Gunpoint

Posted Oct 22nd 2009 5:45PM by Latifah MuhammadComments [51]Print | Email More

Back in the 1990s, TLC became the top-selling girl group of all time, so they had some power. So much power, in fact, that once when the group didn't get money owed them by their record label, they held storied record executive Clive Davis at gunpoint.

Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins recently hit up comedian Monique's late night show to spill the beans behind this moment in TLC's colorful history.

"TLC had generated, on 'Crazy Sexy Cool,' $75 million and they gave us $50,000 a piece," Watkins said. "I was like, what the hell? So, of course, Lisa ['Left Eye' Lopes] was the ringleader, like, 'We need to go get our money. I need to know where my money is at!'"

"We had the limo driver, he was the getaway car," Watkins continued. "So we went up there, and Puffy was the one that snitched us out because we kicked him out of the meeting. It was rude -- we interrupted Puffy's meeting. We were getting sick and sweating, and we were really working hard for [the] money and we wanted to know who the hell had our check. [LaFace Records head] L.A. [Reid] said [then-Arista chief] Clive had it, [so] that's where we went."

In the end, the girls prevailed and, lucky for them, weren't arrested for their stickup. "They did give us some money, but they still took it back and recouped it, but it's all good," she explained. "You live and learn in the business."

Since the 2002 death of Lopes, the group famous for hits like 'Waterfalls' and 'No Scrubs' has maintained a low profile. Last weekend, T-Boz and fellow surviving member Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas performed their first concert in seven years at the Justin Timberlake and Friends charity event in Las Vegas.

T-Boz and Chilli are currently prepping an upcoming tour.

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