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Guest Prince
Hero1 and badboys, post your freestyles guys, check the other topic on the rules if you aren't sure of anything. Thanks. :afro: Edited by Prince
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T Dot hittin that spot whether u ready or not
The double B yo that’s me let me show u what I got
this aint even a debate
ima tell it 2 u straight, going crazy is wuts gonna be happenin to ur heart rate
this is an update theres no more wait
let badboys take the stage and tim sit back and read, mate!
cuz when it comes to lyrics Im da b with an est
Don’t need a test not even a contest 2 put u 2 rest
To prove to the universe
That even if I go first
Tim’s got no chance to advance
gotta get a new board cuz he’s got problems wit finance
I’m the air Jordan of rap cuz I’m going higher and higher
U got no air left thats why we call u da flat tire
If there’s prize money 4 sure that would be nice
but if that’s the case u’d be Tim- Pay up da- Price
Badboys be the name it always stays the same
i'll put u 2 shame cuz man u got no game
I rhyme forever u know it's like infinity
takin this win like justin took britney's virginity
Headline news
“Tim will lose”
With all the reviews it blows up like a lit fuse
Hits worldwide, u can run but u can’t hide
We all know u sure tried but i just retaliate and sighed
Maximum limit of lines yeah that's true
count 'em if u want but i don't even NEED those 32!
so Tim go n give a few bucks to the judges
a couple of nudges
Threatening cats to move up your rank n help u go on like crutches
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yo dont be using my name
if you cant come with the game
coming up lame
like a broken down horse
of course
your forced to eat this main course
of lyrical delights that supports
flippin off taunts
lookin at the front door like main source
and when i step out i step to
you and your weak crew
just to defeat you
try to battle me its a no-no
especially now your rapping solo
no w3 to have ya back now
time to hang up ya raps now
cause you're just left in the dust
dont matter if ya rapping from dawn to dusk
no1 would even bother readin ya rhymes truss that
im getting put through to the final cause they know i can bust that
incredible flow fast rap to slow
prepared to build and to grow
skill improvement included
in this rhyming design
schemes to enlighten ya mind
time after time
keeping this forum alive
as i strive
to be put in my place
yeah no mins to waste
im gettin a taste that few know
whats its like to be numero uno
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