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Grand Puba Links With Q-Tip & Large Pro For Comeback LP


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Grand Puba Links With Q-Tip & Large Pro For Comeback LP, Plans New Brand Nubian & Another Solo CD By ‘10

Thursday Jun 4 10:45 AM CDT posted by xxl staff

Grand Puba revealed to XXLMag.com that he will drop a follow-up to his comeback disc Retroactive- due later this month - as well as reunite with Brand Nubian for another album.

Retroactive, slated for release on June 23, is Puba’s first album in eight years and is set to feature guest spots from Busta Rhymes and dead prez, as well as production by Q-Tip, Large Professor.

“We’re doing stuff now—the crazy **** about it is I’m still working,” Puba told XXL. “A few dudes missed the release date so what I’m doing is I’m coming with a second joint right after that—like a part two.”

As for a release date for the planned sequel, Puba detailed, “Maybe at the top of the year probably—but in between that time, you might see a Brand Nubian joint.”

Stay tuned for a full-length feature with Puba to post on XXLMag.com coming soon. - Devin Chanda

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