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How do "you" call this move ?


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Hello !

I have a question : how do you calll the famous move Will & Jazz does to say hello ?


In french, sometimes, we use an english word : "un check" ("ils se font un check" wich means "they do a check") but I don't think you use this word in english.

Some people told me on a forum that we can say a high five (if the move is higher", a low five (a little bit higher), and this one is a "gimme five".

Is that right ?

Is it a noun ? So can we say "It is Will and Jazz' gimme five" ?

Thanx in advance !

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"Dabs" is the same form of what Jazz & Will did back in the day on the show.

Dabs, in case you don't know, is basically a greeting handshake (usually between two younger people).

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I don't know about other countries, but "dabs" is what they call it in the US. Most teens and up greet each other with: "What Up?!" and a "dab". Similar to 30s and up: "Hows it going/How've you been" and a firm handshake.

I don't know how its referred to in other countries tho, or it might even be called something else in other parts of the US. But universally I think people know what it is.

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ok, thank you !

PS : I watched a clip, when Will Smith is in a french tv show, and a guy told him about this move with Jazz, and he say "do you rember the check you made witch Jazzy Jeff ?" : is that correct (the word) ?

Man, it's hard to name it ! In english, but it is very hard in french too !!!

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