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Tomorrow Night I'm going to see the G.O.A.T LL Cool J live at the House of Blues in Atlantic City NJ. I have general admission STANDING tickets so I'm hopefully going to be right in front of the stage. It's going to be phenomenal seeing one of the greatest in the game live. I can't wait to hear "Mama Said Knock You Out" live. Hopefully Ill have some pics ups from it! I cant wait!! :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom:

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Sorry for the delay - I've had an amazing weekend and busy week so far so I haven't had a chance to update this. Truth of the matter is, seeing LL Cool J last Friday night was probably one of the greatest moments in my life. HE IS THAT GOOD. It was almost life-changing haha. The House of Blues is a small concert hall located in the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. (About 40 from where I live). We got there around 745 and doors opened at 8. Unfortunatly we had to wait til 915 (played til 11ish) for LL to start. It was so worth it. There was a DJ on each side of the stage (DJ CUT CREATOR ON THE RIGHT!) and a big screen in the middle. The curtain is raised and the DJs are scratchin it up as its still dark. Suddenly "Its Time For War" starts to play and there's pictures of LL on the screen - its so sick!" After "Its Time For War" - "Old School New School" hits and LL HITS THE STAGE! What an amazing introduction. Its funny cause when I was listening to LL the whole week prior to the concert, I thought "Old School New School" would be a great intro. After that, he does a little bit of "I'm Bad"..so dope! Next he does "Luv U Better"..the whole crowd is rockin with the goat!

LL then calls for the lights off and says he wants to make it like a club. He tells us when the beat drops and lights come on, dont stop bouncin and jumping til he does. Suddenly "Head Sprung" hits ..wow!!!!! The building is shaking. That song is so freakin hot - Timbaland def. blessed LL with that record. LL than does "Paradise", "Hush" and "I Need Love" as he's throwin out roses to the crowd. Ladies Man haha..meanwhile some girls are taking off their bras and throwing it on stage..haha and LL hangs them on his dope mic stand. A little while later, LL is explaining how this one particular record paved the way for hip-hop and the two DJ's are going back and forth just scratching showing how old school rap used to be. SO DOPE to hear cuttin and scratchin live! Right then and there "Rock The Bells" hits - LL kills it!!! So Incredible! Another highlight is LL is talking about one rapper who he only got to do one song with before he passed away and it was Notorious B.I.G. ...next thing I know "Flava In Ya Ear (Remix) is played and LL nails his verse! The crowd was so hyped!!

Truthfully at this point, I forget the entire sequence of his performance. LL has such an extensive catalog and he performed quite a number of songs. I'm pretty sure this is the set list ..some were full songs, some just a verse or two

Its Time For War

Old School New School

I'm Bad

Luv U Better




I Need Love

Go Cut Creator Go

Rock the Bells

Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)

Jingling Baby

Back Seat & Pink Cookies (only a couple lines of each ..LL said he forgot the lines hahah)

Fatty Girl


Mama Said Knock You Out

I Shot Ya


Doin' It

Loungin (Remix)

Hey Lover

I'm That Type of Guy

..and some more I think

Like I said before, I can't get over how dope it was. I saw Jay-Z & Mary J live last year and they were dope too but LL has so much more energy and clearly loves what he does! I was probably about 20 feet or so away from the stage in standing room. Very much worth the $35 ticket I paid. Makes me kick myself for not seeing him live back in '06 and I hope he comes back real soon!

Heres some pics!







I had alot of video too but I'm still going through it and the quality isn't that hot since its my cell phone. This concert was the best, it just solidifies LL even more as my 2nd favorite emcee! If he's ever playing anywhere around the world, GO SEE HIM! Highly Recommended!!

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Im sooo freakin jealous! never a good rapper comes here to do a live show, u are really lucky and im glad u had the oportunity to live that experience. nice review by the way!

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