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Hello !

Fan of JJFP, I am looking for a JJFP wallpaper... but my display definition is definitly too big : 1920 * 1080 pixel !

So, I try to make my personal wallpaper. And I have 2 questions :

- Do you know where I can find nice big pics of JJFP ? I found "He's the DJ I'm the rapper" cover, but the quality is not very good, and I need to make some Photoshop retouch (I'm not a Photoshop professional ! But maybe I can do something better)

Or maybe you got some very big wallpaper ?!


My second question is about the background.

I think I will put the "He's the DJ I'm the rapper" picture, but I need a background... and I had an idea.

I really like the background uses in Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble and Parent's Just Don't Understand clip (with all the graffities). But, firstly, I need a picture of this, and secondly, I need a... BIG picture of this :D

Do you know where I can find that ?

I think I saw on MySpace the guy witch did these amazing graffities, but I can find his MySpace's page again :( Maybe he got a really big picture ?!

Thanks for your help, and sorry for my bad english :(

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I've updated my wallpaper, the picture is looking better :


I'm working on a Christmas wallpaper.

PS : I don't think I ever had the same wallpaper for so long tiime ! 11 months ! And it is not the end !

PPS : My last year christmas wallpaper : (it was a smaller version, I was on a little screen !)


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Ahhh, that's sick son!!

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