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Ok lets get in on this!

Early 90's...was fairly unknown when this album came out...now when the masses talk about rap he is named up there as one of the best (personal opinion WILL differ).. 2nd verse

Ayo, biters are like tarantulas, vandealous

Living as scandalous as a television evangelist

But I can handle this, I'm the rhyme biter crime fighter

Caped crusader, taking care of undeserving lime lighters

I think a living never meant for me

Experimentally I found a way to spread interamentally

When I stumbled upon this resolution

By using a special fusion of chemical solution for this resolution

You couldn't see me with binoculars

I armed like an octopus

Step on stage and you get socked and pushed

Talking that junk like you went black, guarded your back

Come battle me and you get smacked as hard as you act

When I reperesent it, and we'll have a referee in it

Every minute so when I win it you never resent it

I'm forever demented, come up with funk, I'll never be scented

You got the point when I cleverly sent it

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