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oops misread the rules, I guess i win!!

late eighties...often considered one of the greatest mc's....2nd verse...picked an album track so it might be a bit hard...

o I prescribed her, something to revive

And surprise her, shes liver and much more wiser

Than the light I shine when my brain cells spark,

Come to me so we can glow in the dark

And soon, you can represent the moon

As long as I keep ya in tune

Ill tell ya who ya are and why ya here

Take it in stride cause it might take a year

Its funny - how time flies when ya havin fun

We got close and it was almost one

She kissed me slow, but you know how far a kiss can go

F*ck around and miss the show

So I told her to hold that thought real tight

We can finish where we left off later on tonite

Back to the scene of the crime on time

As they introduced the fiend of the rhyme

She stood with a birds-eye view of me

Thinkin of later on of what she would do to me

The back of the room I could see her eyes gloom

Patient, but hopin that the show was over soon

As the place was ripped in half, she made her way to the front row

So I said lets go

I packed my mic as they screamed for an encore

The speakers were blown, plus my mic was sore

Besides I got places to go, ladies to see

And she could tell me how crazy she was over me

We drove off - she said she liked the way that I performed

And couldnt wait to get soft and warm, I said,

Ive been watchin you, watchin me

Looks I received made it hard to mc

I can take a hint, so I knew that she

Wanted my agony agony ag-on-y in her bod-y

Showed her some sights, then I took her to the condo

She was pipin hot, but I kept my calm so

She asked how come I dont smile

I said, everythings fine, but Im in a new york state of mind!

As we reached the kingdom, she said bring some

Champagne, shell entertain then sing some

Sentimental, songs real gentle,

It hit the spot and you know where it went to

As we embraced I felt her heart pumpin

I knew she was in the mood for somethin

So I laid on my back and relaxed

It wasnt the perignon that made her collaspe

Over me

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I'm from the streets that make niggaz walk slow talk low

With white chalk-o, mi casa be siete uno ocho

Brooklyn mother****er, handle this - pardon my Spanish and French (Brooklyn baby!)

Okay, I stay clever like Mayweather with lay leather

'til your face sever, one of the greatest ever

Beyond ringing bells, my name's so demanding

****! - I got the swagger that'll leave Dakota "Fanning" (That boy still standing!)

I hope you niggaz over standing; I stay sucker-free

The next kaing of in the game, you ain't got enough to be

Your career last a week, that'll be luckily

**** with me, the rap game'll need protective custody

(AHH!) I'm the same thug to be, surrounded with women

Gave the game "True Religion" before you found it in denim

Feel the, "Wrath of (took this word out caus he says his name), " and you could not escape

The hip-hop version of "The Ring" and you just watched the tape

He's a legend. Maybe the king of flowing. He's been there for a long time. This is a new song tho.

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Ok, fine I'll give you that...lol.

Now Bart obviously posted a Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony track, but I'm not too familiar with their work so I cannot tell you the song name...

Dayz of Our Lives - Bone Thugz

Is that a Jay Z track Turn?

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eighties...underrated legend, not often talked about here...I'll give you a hint - this verse was used in two different songs (it was covered by a pretty well respected hip hop act in the early 2000s)...points will be awarded to either answer...

A mind designed to find a rhyme thats right on time

One step beyond and not behind the line

That separates dogs from divine

Take it as a caution, or a warning sign

Whether antonyms, words Im blending them

Homonyms, synonyms, good like m&ms

With polo and while hes slicing

Ill turn the mikes last name into tyson

My brain is like a factory constantly creating

Material stitch by stitch for decoration

Lyrics are fabrics, beat is the lining

My passion in rhyming is fashion designing

Now it gets odd it, cause people want to sport it

You bought it, if you didnt then you couldnt afford it

Poetry full of surprises, its like a game show

And my brain glows just like a rainbow

Rappers and poets they already know it

****** is a terror not a error and never will I stop reaching for better

Whether wheels of steel or reel to reel

***** will make you feel the real deal

I usually rap hardcore and I know

That yall thinking am I somehow semi, so

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