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To All Football (Soccer) and Pro Evo Fans


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Since i have left University 2 years ago, my friends and I have met up every 6 months for a reunion and a football match between our two teams we had.

I created us all on Pro Evo and produced this promo style video for our next game.

It wont interest many of you but i think you'll find the overdramatic style quite interesting hehe.


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Nice work man, I can associate with that, every time I'm at my cousins or they're here we play pro evo non stop. I have never made up a decent team though, only on pro evo 4 I made up a team with all the animal heads :lol: Now we play the newer pro evo on PS3 though at theirs, but I still only have an Xbox so im stuck with Pro evo 5 for a while

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Pro Evo 5 is still my favourite. I have 6 and 2008 but still find the gameplay best on PES5. Shame the ref's blow up for every little tackle though on it. Yet to own a 360 or PS3 so havent really played much of the next gen versions. Although what i have played of 2008 on PS3 it is no better than the PS2 version just with betteer graphics.

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