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What Songs Do You Know By Heart?


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I felt like I had a great voice so I was curious how it would sound without Wills sexy voice backing me up...let me just put it this way, a visit at midnight from Freddy Kruger would scare you less then it would listening to me sing a song. It was that bad.

Look at Will, even he can't remember them by heart and he wrote them :lolsign:

LMAO at Freddy Kruger!! Thats hilarious!! now.. i know it wasnt all THAT bad... :thumbsup: @ Will not remembering all his lyrics ... it would be funny as heck 2 have him in the JJFP Song Challenge that Brakes talkin bout assembling. lol He prolly "dumb dance" his way thru the lyrics he dont know. LMAO...



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I dont have a list as long as AJs but i can say that the songs i really like from him, like Just cruising, tell me why, parents.., summertime, brand new funk, miami, im looking for the one and girls aint nothin, I know them by heart. I can sing along in most of the other ones, lol.

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