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How Do You Listen To Music?

Da Brakes

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All the way through for me! I don't have a good stereo system so I use my Sony V6's, great closed headphones. I would only buy a CD if I've downloaded it and liked it, or if it's gotten good reviews and I'm interested. So therefore I've had no problems sitting through an album. When I downloaded I still try to listen to it start to finish.

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Waiting for "good reviews" is a good way 2 miss out on good music. These days, good music rarely gets reviewed...and the people who review it are out 2 rip what they give a listen 2 shreds.

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^that's when you rely on music blogs. Blogsearch is an excellent tool, there are many bloggers who post new and out of print albums. I use rateyourmusic.com to find about about new and old material as well, very knowledgable user base. Whenever I use soley "good reviews" to check out albums, they're usually the acclaimed classics like J&MC's Psychocandy, or My Bloody Valentine's Loveless, or Nas' Illmatic, things that would probably appeal to me.

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