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{Talk Intro}

Lord You Gotta Talk Back On This One.

{Female Singer Chorus}

Aint Nothin Bout This Country That Aint Goin Wrong

Jesus Help Us All, We Aint Got Nothin To Survive!

You Are The Way The Truth And The Light

You Are The Reason We Will Win This Fight!


Ive Fought The Good Fight, Ive Won The Race

All Ive Done At Such A Slow Pace

To Easy To Where You Have No Clue Its Like Ashes To Ashes

Dust To Dust, You Don’t Know What Theyre Leavin Behind For All Of Us


Live Each Day Like Its Your Last

Don’t Stop Your Lyfe Short In The Past

Your Future Is Not Set In Stone

Accidents Can Happen Even If You Aint Prone

It Aint Un Usual To Get Boned By Your Best Friend

You Could Get Stabbed In The Back By Your Best Friend

Your Best Friend Could Be The Death Of You

And Someone In Your Own Family Could To

Face It Your Lyfe Aint Perfect

You Got To Ease Up Though Before you Get Frost Bit

By The Girl you Thought Was The One

But In the End She Was Just With You for Fun

Then It Happens Your Sleeping With Her Sister

In The End Though Its Just To Get Her Pissed Off

So Shell never Speak To You Again

But Don’t be To Sure Because Your Life Just Ended

She Murdered You Because Of all You Put Her Through

Wasn’t Such A Good Idea Now Was It Spu?

You Were To Packed Up With Hatred

But Now She Has To Face The Facts Of What She Did



It’s the ladys Part Of The Song now

The Girl That Blew Her Boy Friends Head off

But Why Girl Because he Slep Arround?

After You Were Gone He Thought He Was Safe And Sound

Your Facing Charges of Murder in The First Degree

All Signs Point To You, But You Still Plea Not Guilty

You Are In Court For 2 Straight Years Being Held In Jail

You Realize What you’ve Done And Change Your Plea, But Theres Still No Bail

You Hate How Small Your Cell is And The Food Is Stale

Your Sentencing Hearing Is To Day, Youll Be Put To Death

It Was Stupid Of you To Kill Somebody In Texas

They Have The Death Penalty and They Actually use it (God your Stupid)

You Have your Choise Of Injection Or Gas

And You Reject It Every Day, But In The End It Was You You Stupid Ass

Its been 25 years And Your Exicution Is In 3 days

And You Don’t think that they can do that to you

So You Start swallowing Razor Blades

And You Go To The Hospital And That Buys you A Few Extra Days

But You Die In A Week a More Painful Death Than You Would Have Had

And now your Life Was Looked At As “So Sad”



Now Im Going To Tell You Both Where you Went Wrong

You Denied Jesus Christ As Your Lord And Savior

You Lived Life As An Agnostic With Noone To Save Ya

Now You Both Are Burning In Hell

Its An Eternal Death That You Can Never Appeal

You Chose Satan Over Yeshewa And Now Your Payin

Your Going to Spend Eternity Diein

Just Because You Spent Your Whole Life Liein…




This Was Not A True Story, But It is To Get People To Realize How Much They Need Jesus, Living You life In Jesus Is An Option With two Choices, Heaven Or Hell, Hell is Eayser To Get To, But remember This, Life Has Many Choices Eternity Only has Two…


Im Not Sure If Im Going To Go All The Way WIth This Song

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Reminds me a bit of 2pac. Which seems rather obvious from ur sig and stuff. Everything was cool. You put together a nice chorus and hook. I liked how you used examples to tell a story and make a point. The only small flaw I have for this song is,

"They Have The Death Penalty and They Actually use it (God your Stupid)" - You're trying to convince people to learn right from wrong, and empower religious beliefs as the way out or for help. All that's ok, but just take out the "God, you're stupid". Maybe instead say "That's so stupid". But other than that, all the verses is ok.

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