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Rev Run's Next Album A Collaboration With Kid Rock


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Kris De Leon Buddytv.com

Joeseph Simmons, also known as Rev. Run on MTV'S Run's House has joined forces with Robert James Ritchie, better known as musician Kid Rock in cumming up with an album called Running With The Kid, which is a play off of Eric Clapton and B.B. Kings Riding With The King.

''Me and Kid Rock are collaborating on making an album called Running With The Kid, sort of like what Clapton and B.B. King did with Riding with the King'' Rev. Run told G4tv.com earlier this year. ''We sort of have the same styles anyway, at least we dress the same. He's a big Run DMC fan and i grew to understand and like his music. So i might go out to Detroit in the next couple weeks and get started.''

As we reported previously, the upcoming season of Run's House will feature Rev.Run working on his new album. However, it wasn't made clear if the said album on the show is the project he has been working on with the infamous rocker.

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I'm cool with this. The Run-DMC + Kid Rock joint off Crown Royal was a good song....and the song Kid Rock did with DMC for his album waz good. I welcome it. And since Run isn't actually in2 Rap/Rock and he actually likes Kid Rock, i guess it makes sense. I have 2 be in a mood for Kid Rock's music, but when i am, i like it. I welcome it, but what i really want is a straight Hip-Hop album from Run. His solo album waz good but purposely strong on the "throwback factor." I just wanna hear his tongue twisting, witty, and cocky lyrics over some classic Hip-Hop.

Anyone hear Kid Rock's new album? I'm just wondering how it is since he's dipped in2 southern rock recently since that isn't really my taste.

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