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I Don't Wanna Live

Ace Of Spades

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All this *** is too much, nobody give a ****

an' I aint stable cuz da bull****s startin 2 pile up

the picture in the mirror is nothin but skull an bones

dead man talkin, I just wanna be left alone

my thoughts say end it, forget it

cuz this pain i cant live with it

an happiness used to be so vivid

now bein high is the only way I can get it

2 be specific, life aint worth it, IM SICK OF IT

always was a outcast, now I just wanna die

no H2O from my eyes, I don't got time to cry

no matter what I do, it neva gets better

niggas makin it rain while Im just stuck in rainy weather

maybe in death Ill be betta off cuz me an pops will be together

all my work has amounted to nothin

2 the point where if I aint gone outta my mind, I dont wanna function

I wasn't meant to be happy or somethin

havin dreams of bein in the casket

but I killed myself, didn't get blasted

tired of livin the life of this unloved savage

an since love is in recess, I just wanna rest

GOD take the breath from my chest

my feet dont wanna suffer another step

at dis point, i dont know where Ill go

they say hell gates', but I dont think so

who knows my soul reguardless is tormented

judge gave me the life in pain sentence

an GOD hasn't offered no repentance

everybody else off living betta than me

**** is too dark and I can't see

I dont care if U feel like dyin, cuz I do

no matter how much money I could make, Im just not you

if somebody told you im happy its just not true

I am a prisioner of circumstance

**** if I get a second chance, u niggas just don't understand

I aint got no homies, no real life friends

forget seein life thru, jump me to the end

I aint at peace, I wanna be deceased

**** eternally runnin these streets

can live if no matter what I eat, the stomach pain repeats

my soul is just ice cold, but don't nobody know

I put up a warm front, so it just dont show

the blood drip from my eyes, I got a broken disguise

in the end, its my OWN EXISTENCE i despise

so me wantin out this sick game should be no suprise


mind of a suicidal, gon head give me the title

tired of sick **** I gotta do for survival

the good die young, but the unloved die worse

can't sustain with this curse


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Wow, thats harsh.

Not a bad rap, but its kind of extreme. You had some good rhymes though. If you really feel like this, than you should think about talking it through with somebody.

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readin this off it reminded me alot of lord knows by 2pac. deep sh*t, i dont have to wonder if your goign to kill yourself because i know you are just venting.... and plus, how would you put out another album? :wiggle:

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