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So out of no where, Deathrow just dropped a new 2Pac record...Nu Mixx Klazzics Volume 2 (Evolution: Duets And Remixes). Like most fans who followed his music before his passing, i rolled my eyes and 2 myself "that remix album must be awful." However, as someone who simply loves 2Pac's music, his early stuff and solo...and even some of the stuff released a year or 2 after he passed away, i had 2 get it. Reguardless i had 2 pick up this new record even with the pain of how awful the doctored albums have been. However, this time, it's done right.

The Nu Mixx Klazzics album that Deathrow put out in 2003 waz pretty bad. 10 trax from his time on Deathrow were remixed with crappy commerical beats that 2Pac would have never considered using. The replaced a Snoop cameo with a verse from wack Deathrow artist Crooked I. It waz a catstrophic embarassment 2 his legacy. I think i liked maybe 2 remixes off that album, which were still no where near as good as the original release. From then, we've seen doctored albums like Loyal To The Game and Pac's Life that basically sucked thru' and thru' due 2 wack production and unrealistic guest artists put on his trax. As many of us gave up on any true 2Pac releases coming out, believe it or not, Deathrow has done a good thing with this remix album...2Pac fans should check it. Here's a breif overview.

This album features 12 trax from his time on Deathrow (definitely not the peak of his musical career, but dope none the less). Trax from All Eyez On Me, Makaveli, Gang Releated, Gridlock'd, and Above The Rim are all on here to give it a bit of variety. The guest spots aren't perfect but much better than previous albums. The Outlawz, Kurupt, and Snoop cameos are intact. Added spots are on there from Butch Cassidy and Styles P don't really fit in...but the new cameo with Dwele is amazing. No big names have doctored or remixed the trax but in most cases, they actually did a really good job.

Picture Me Rollin', Staring Though My Rearview, Got My Mind Made Up, and Lost Souls are all on the album and tweeked from their original form. On those trax, they have added some to the original production and/or added additonal non-spotlight stealing appearances from other artists. They actually work really well. "Staring Though My Rearview" with Dwele is probably the best track on the whole album. AMAZING!!

Keep Goin' (originally titled "Don't Stop" off Tha Dogg Pound's DPG 2002" album), What's Ya Phone #, Hail Mary, Pain, Wanted Dead or Alive, Initiated (originally off Daz' Revendge, Retaliation, and Retribution), How Do You Want It are all on the album in total remix forms. Unlike most of the doctored and remixes we have heard of 2Pac songs done from 2000 and on, these actually fit the song topics and vibe pretty well. If the original versions were graded at an A, most of these are actually at a B (compared to the C's, D's, and F's of Loyal To The Game and Pac's Life). The "Hail Mary" Rock Remix is surprisingly amazing. The errie breakdown and high energy guitar moodswings of the song are ill. I can picture 2Pac rocking this LIVE. The "Wanted Dead or Alive" remix is really good. It kinda sounds like and updated Deathrow sound if they were still on top. "How Do You Want It" isn't 2 bad either. The only track that i'm not feeling much is the remix of "Pain."

Overall, i urge all true 2Pac fans 2 check this album. I think most of u will be surprised. I know i waz. This album is almost as good as "Still I Rise" and comparable to Until The End of Time and Better Dayz. This album probably beats them tho' since it isn't a double disc and comes off more solid AND is based off material that 2Pac released or planned on releasing.

Lastly, if u are gonna get the album, try 2 get the version released thru' Best Buy. It has 2 bonus remixes. It has an alternate version of "Lost Souls" with the original production but with verses from Daz and M-1 and another remix of "Initiated."

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I surprised to see a commercial outta nowhere for a 2pac remix album. I got the 1st Remix Klassicz too, and didn't like it at all. It's stashed away collecting dirty somewhere, til I can give it away. I'm pretty much done getting new 2pac material, whether it's good or not I think. Better Dayz was the last one I got. I don't doubt it's good, considering your word AJ, I'm just not gonna pick it up.

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