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Guest uhm-yeah

yeah the whole singing thing was completely bitten haha..

it's always good to know where styles come from... BUT the question always is: do they just bite styles or take styles and later create their own style out of them? and i think they did. also michael troy / microphone mike / mikah 9 / myka nyne had influences, maybe jaz-o. and mike was in ny in the late 80s. he created his own style with the rap and jazz influences that he had and of course it was revolutionary. i just wanna say that "no idea's original". and as long as people give respect to their influences and don't say they reinvented the whole wheel we shouldn't hate. i don't know if btnh give respect though. ellay khule, one of the original goodlifers, said in an interview that he likes twista's music. and twista probably was influenced by these L.A. styles.

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ellay khule is hardcore man.. Its natural for other rappers to be inspired and influenced by what went before them.. it's just a pity there is not more recognition and awareness of the development of these styles

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