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Stack Bundles Murdered?


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it's weird...I remember getting ahold of some of stack's stuff back in 04 and loving alot of it...

"bundles hot" was absolutely the most fun i could have listening to a track and what's funny...is he KNEW it, so he put out a remix to a mixtape single?! ahh

"take a picture" was so fun with the NFL theme song flipped... ahh

oohh and "kitty kitty" was sick.. lyrically he was great in rhyming and keeping his flow tight..maybe not the most socially conscious dude

I did not like stuff like "get ya dead" or the junk with Jim jones..

but in the end, he will be missed...my friend 2 weeks ago was wanting to get those songs again from me...which is really weird considering the coincidence that he passes so soon after his name comes back up in conversation.

Rest in Peace Stacks

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