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Ayyo wasup ladies and gentleman, i've been real busy with work n so on, so here it is...

Different Views Written By Joey Craze

We Got Different Views

Put On Different Shoes

Either Win Or Loose

We Both Different Dudes

We grew up together, but now when we look at each other it’s strange

I see u hustling on the street struggling to attain some sort of fame

When u asked how come I don’t want to make it? Why do u hate it?

I replied by saying how do them girls fake it? Drug addicts sedated

I got a full time job kept my head down, tried to make a new sound

Trying to put both of my feet on the ground, Ur the one lost I’m found

Now I see u and u don’t know if Ur staying or leaving, dying or breathing

Ur crew die by knife killings and shootouts, u got no time for grieving

That’s why I left Ur side, it’s not the fact that I didn’t want to ride

It’s because getting high wasn’t the right way for me to go and hide

I told u the first day that I met u that I wouldn’t take any more ****

U said u saw it in my eyes with this rap I wouldn’t quit, so u let me spit

U raised me hell, and to be honest I’m surprised u not repping in jail

All my life the people I loved watched me fail, I want to be lost and sail

We Got Different Views

Put On Different Shoes

Either Win Or Loose

We Both Different Dudes

Now let me tell ya’ll the real reason I left, it wasn’t murder or theft

It was that he knew this shorty I liked, told me she was high on crystal myth

That was a lie though, so that’s the reason that dude likes 2 lie low

I normally don’t see people on my level when I decide to go n flow

We always had different views but now the beef has now escalated

U had no reasons to be hated; u destroyed the seed god created

But I wont retaliate because I know karma’s a bitch n will catch up

That will teach u a lesson when u goes to sleep put the latch up

Because the truth is that we both know different dudes n crews

My style is smooth like a masseuse; Urs is sharp just like screws

We two different beings on this earth, I’m humble you’re a jerk

This isn’t a beef track because we both know that **** don’t work

If it wasn’t for people who stood for they rights, starting fights

Do u know what it’s like working late nights to explain my life

How can we live to tell the truth if we’re all dying just to lie?

Night’s I’ve laid down and asked god why does my mother cry?

We Got Different Views

Put On Different Shoes

Either Win Or Loose

We Both Different Dudes

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