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Do you think Will's better suited to either comedy or serious roles?


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Do you think Will's better suited to either comedy or serious roles and please

say WHY you think so ?

Yo, I think that Will is great at both kinds of roles and that he can pull off both as good as anybody. POH is a great example of how he can pull off a serious role, and FPOBA was mainly all comedy. But I like to watch comedys more than dramas, so I like his comedy a little more then his serious stuff.

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Action Comedy



Romantic Comedy



Got more ?

He is the most versatile actor I've ever seen. He can do anything, and do it good. Not a lot of actors

that can do what will does, yet he gets so little credit for what he does. No one can make versatile movies like

a Hitch, a romantic comedy, Pursuit, a drama movie, I robot scifi movie and a whole bunch more and make it one of the biggest successes

of it's genre. I personally like romantic comedies so I'll go with romantic comedies, will was a blast in hitch.

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