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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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Im back!

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aw yea true dat who da new jacks around

im profound mo down and gained a grown man sound

leave tha writin books in da corna

im quick to get up on ya like california wit a beef

cloggin ya lungs wit no relief

i used to chief on that green leaf catchin a snoop high

but now im all me and cant nothing be mo fye

i laugh at how all my mean foes turn up like a nose

i defeat em wit a pose like madonna wit her vogues.................


hold up ima be back im switchin classes damn

it aint ova!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ayo back for more go ahead say you hardcore

i spit full blast leavin you and yo rhyme sore

im out here exposin that you a fool

spittin in techniques dat make yo whole family go to rap school

come on up the anne i rather battle yo granny

play yo cards right i might say you straighter than sammie

get enlightened or yo girl gone get tha writin

im too satirical with words to ever need to get the fightin

but if it comes to, like spiderman do ima have to pull my punches too

cuz if i hit you its a achuu! then a bless you

tha crowd gon be like oh my Don Jiggy

he done destroyed these rap fools too quickly

I guess im too sickly you know the crowd picky

meanin that they pick me..................


damn again ima be back

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When i rock the mic like i rock ur girl, i'll make it go outta control

u know my flow because wit every line homie i can steal the show

i'm begging for sum1 to step to the plate, but homie u already late

i done beat u so bad cause i've already ate, we aint friends but i never hate

i'm the only one who raps in my family, and i can take u back 2 101

two swift punches to the kidney i'm not joking son, your career is done

so go back to your school and get a degree, don't try n rip my credibility

before u realise the effort 2 be an MC, make u watch things i had 2 see

don't think u know me before we even talk, keep ur head down, u better walk

and with them women u call hoes but u really stalk, stab u in the leg wit a fork

see i'm jus messing wit u, u tryna play catch up but ur sis dressin u

i got nothing to prove so i'm not impressin u, i'm here 2 teach u a lesson or 2

what's a don jiggy? u tryna rap like fiffty but even fifity can probably hit me

stick it 2 me homie give me ur worst shot, i'll give u a reason why ur girls sheets are sticky


it's all fun remember lol

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