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This post is for the R. Kelly fans who may be interested in his recently released DVD.

The show opens up with a akward mix of songs he's sung the hook on and/or produced and wrote for for Nick Cannon, B2K, Cassidy, and The Notorious B.I.G. It's just a very small way of starting a show in my opinion. From thru' a medley of mostly "too short" hits, only doing a verse or so of many songs. The songs skip from all over his career, including his biggest hits and a few lesser hits. He kind of neglects the hits off the 1st 3 albums and his inspirational songs like Storm Is Over Now, U Saved Me, The World's Greatest, and I Believe I Can Fly. I really like the way he interacts with the audience for the whole show...but he literally does it 4 the whole show. There aren't really any songs where he's just performing. His vocals are flawless for the entire show and so many of the songs will take the fans back. The show lasts 2 hours.

The things i really don't like is the akward opening mix and some of the hits he overlooked. I also think the show is lacking class for 2/3rds of the show. The show is just way 2 oversexed and filled with uncecessary cussing. He doesn't tone it down til the end. It reminds me of the late Marvin Gaye shows where u have a man of God who is totally drowning in the pleasures of the flesh...ha ha. I also got bored during the 3 chapters of "In The Closet"...he needs 2 lock those songs away in the closet.

In the special features (and the bonus disc that u can get at Best Buy), he explains the whole set which clears things up. He said he wanted 2 start off with a curve ball by starting the set with hits he did 4 other people. He also talks about how he choose 2 keep the inspirational songs out of the set cuz he wanted 2 just do a fun free show where people wouldn't think about the problems of the world. He also talked about just doing a simple and free kinda show which is why there isn't a crazy light show, drastic outfit changes, and tons of dancing.

The real moments during the features are probably the best. He talks about being blessed with a sucessful 15-year career with so many hits and dedicated fans. He talks about his inspirations (Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Al Green, Gap Band, etc). The most touching moment is when he talks about his 3 kids and is almost brought 2 tears.

I think most R. Kelly fans will like the show, but if u were turned off by some of the things i mentioned, u'll probably be wanting a lil' more. I guess i'd rate it 3.5ish outta 5.

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I know that he put out a Trapped In The Closet DVD out a year or so ago. I didn't get that cuz it kinda annoyed me. Back in 1996 he put out a VHS that featured videos off his self-titled album. It's just music videos but it's good. They have since released it on DVD. He put out a VHS for 12 Play but i don't think they ever put that out on DVD. There is a DVD version of his Greatest Hits album that came out in 2003 and that's really good.

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