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My First Rhyme on this site.


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So i just came over from WillSmith.com

They stopped rappin' which is somethin' that i'm

Not too happy with, but what can i do

I decided to come here, and rap wit you

Hope you like my rhymes, and tell me if you don't

If you don't like them, tell me, and i won't

Rap no more, even though i love it

If i'm bad, help me rise above it

I'm here to learn and give respect to Will

So if it's alright i think i'll stay and chill

If anyone here, was from the other site

Let me know and we'll talk, holla back ight

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That was ok man, and nobody here will tell you to stop rapping, it's only guys that rap GANGSTA and try to be hard when they are actually 11 years old (not saying no names)

Keep it up man, listen to more rap and you'll get it, everyone has to start somewhere!

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