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Gangsta Rap definitly isn't the most welcome music on this board. But i think a few people on this board are like me, and while they will take real Hip-Hop over any other kind of Hip-Hop or Rap, they have a place in their heart that likes the west coast hardcore Hip-Hop and Gangsta Rap scene...well, at least some of it.

I remember being in my early teens listening 2 Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg ALOT. At one point i listened 2 them almost as much as i listened 2 Code Red, Nuttin' But Love, Ain't No Other, 14 Shots To The Dome, and Black Reign. The over-the-top gangsta fantasys and explict lyrics killed it 4 me over time...and the fact that every other rapper tried 2 do the same thing shortly after. Then 2Pac, a legit and complicated emcee joined the Deathrow scene and started releasing stuff on the label alongside all the underdogs who put in work on The Chonic and Doggystyle. Dr. Dre, the real brains and talent behind Deathrow left, Snoop maintained but wanted 2 leave, other artists like Rage and Nate Dogg were busy getting bumped back and jerked around and 2Pac, who only joined the label 2 get outta jail and waz soon sick of getting gifts that weren't actually his and who also wanted 2 leave got murdered...probably with strong-arm, no talent-but slick business man and owner Suge Knight behind the murder. Deathrow crumbled and fell. Their artists sucked, their producers sucked and the ONLY thing that kept ANY money coming in where the unreleased 2Pac trax they had ownership of.

Years later, i look back on some of that Dre, Snoop, 2Pac, Dogg Pound stuff and it defintily holds a place in my heart. So when i heard that Deathrow waz dropping the 2 CD 1 DVD box set called "15 Years On Deathrow"...i knew i had 2 get it. It's loaded with classic singles, a few lesser known album trax, and a few rarities. Anyone who's a fan of this era of music should check it out. They included the alternate (clean) version of 2Pac's "How Do U Want It" and "To Live & Die In L.A." It also includes the mega-rare Regulate B-side import only 2Pac trax "Loyal To The Game" and "Pain." One thing that really freaked me out is that they have Snoop's "G'z Up, Ho's Down." My best friend back in the day got Doggystyle on cassette and it had this track. It waz my favorite track on the album...however, when i finally went 2 get Doggystyle, the trax wazn't on it. I looked for it for YEARS....and they put it on this compilation.

US fans should pick this up at Best Buy which has 6 bonus trax. However, my 1st disc doesn't include the bonus trax...so i gotta take it back in hopes of getting the correct disc.

The DVD contains 24 music videos. This is probably the 1st good things Deathrow has released since The 7 Day Theory.

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dude AJ my copy is hella sketch. there's 17 tracks on disc 1, yet 13 are listed on the cover. and these "hidden" tracks dont pop up at the end either, they just pop up in random spots in the CD, throwing the tracklisting off. i havent popped in disc 2 yet, but this seems kinda janke altho the music is good. i cant believe i paid $25 for it too. also when i opened it, CD 1 was rattling around freely in the case, not secured in the cd imprint that its supposed to be.

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Guest Guest_JumpinJack AJ_*

I would take it back and get another. If the other one has that problem, i would calmly take that one back and let then know that the item is not properly labled and that u are not interested it unless they can provide the proper version. If u keep your cool, they'll probably give u store credit or return it since it's messed up. Usually they don't let u do that with CDs and DVDs...but they'll probably understand. If they won't let u return it...or u still wanna keep it, i'll burn u a CD with the bonus stuff.

However, 2morrow i'm gonna try 2 exchange mine for the correct version.

This reminds me of Superman: The Ultimate Collection which is a 14 disc set of Superman movies and specials. The guys at Warner Brothers got finger prints all over the DVDs, some of them were missing or mixed up. It is released on Death Row w/ Suge Knight as the exectutive producer. So a mess up like this is no surprise 2 me.

Good luck...and wish me luck.

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Guest Guest_JumpinJack AJ_*

Man, i just exchanged my CD/DVD set for another. This one doesn't have the bonus trax either. I'm really interested in 2 of the...the others i have. Here's what's supposed 2 be on the Best Buy version...

Dr. Dre - One Eight Seven (Original Version) (not sure if this is released...i really wanted this track)

Daz Dillinger - Don't Try To Play Me (off the Gridlock'd soundtrack)

Snoop Doggy Dogg + 2Pac - Wanted Dead Or Alive (off the Gridlock'd soundtrack...why wouldn't this be on the regular version!?)

Dogg Pound - New York, New York (not sure if this is off any of their albums...but i wanted this one...and it should be on the regular version anyway)

2Pac + Thandie Newton - Life Is A Traffic Jam (off the Gridlock'd soundtrack)

Nate Dogg - Why (A Tribute To 2Pac) (off the Gridlock'd soundtrack)

Only the last 2 are actually on the Best Buy version...my next step...contact the distributer in hopes of getting the correct 1st disc.

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For anyone who picked this up at Best Buy and didn't get those bonus trax, u can go 2 Best Buy's website and contact a Customer Service Rep and they'll e-mail u back in a few days. They'll give u a link 2 a Koch/Deathrow website page that allows u 2 put your info in (along with info off your receipt) and in 2 to 3 weeks u'll get a replacement CD with the bonus trax. I got mine 2...so i'm happy.

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I've heard the songs off the gridlock soundtrack and was one of the first songs from 2pac I heard, I heard a few songs from him checked out a movie which happened to be "Life Is A Traffic Jam" and thought that was simply amazing, that's my type of track i can vibe with and chill with, so anybody going to give a review on the CD as a whole? Or should I go buy it? I havent seen it in any stores though?

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