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As the 2nd single off the blazing hot underrated yet best album from Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, this track has to be probably the best feel-good song ever made. I simply can't get this song off repeat, while the lyrics may be misunderstood and simplistic at the same time, it's just crazy the production and how it feels so timeless. Timeless meaning it just sounds fresh today. Like "Summertime" still doesnt sound like its from '91, "I'm Looking for the One(to be with me)" doesnt sound like its from '93. I just wish FP wrote the lyrics a little better but that third verse is dope. Just sharing my happiness from this track, no matter what it makes me feel good.

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Guest Guest_JumpinJack AJ_*

Yeah, "I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me)" has always been a stand out track cuz it waz done so effortlessly. Not 2 mention musical Hip-Hop/R-N-B/New Jack Swing genious Teddy Riley on the boards. The whole vibe of the track is pure magic without being over the top or complicated. With proper promotion, this song would have done every well and Code Red's ride at the top would have lasted much longer. I never saw the video until JJ+FP "Greatest Hits" came out in 1998!!! And i used 2 watch music videos non-stop back then.

I just wish the remixes where actually remixes rather than re-edited versions of it. The think the extended version is the best. And seeing them perform it live on TV waz great. I watched that performance over and over again.

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Quite simply superb. Its been on the verge of taken over summertime as their best song for me in a while. Problem is JJFP offer incredible songs in huge variety. I can't even compare this to say Magnificent JazzyJeff or Brand New Funk and they both rank way up there. They really did have so much to offer.

Nobody will remember it but im tempted to play this New Years Eve when i DJ at my local Pub.

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