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  1. http://yourlisten.com/gracia.miller/gm3485-i-never-give-up Verse One: The odds have been stacked Through the time lapsed We've been waiting for an impact That's the reason why I rap Like nascar the competition'll crash Since I learn from what went bad in the past And I spill the knowledge on each track It's all coming on the strength The labor and the love to represent I roll further than any negative angst Standing to be mature during time spent The commandments of the rhyme quests I know that I'm a work in progress I stand up as a survivor that never gives in Using examples to scan on and represent Rather than neglect Hook: I Never Give Up I Never Give In I'm Standing Tall I'm Standing Tough I Know That I'm Brave Enough So Even When The Game's Rough I Ain't Gonna Slump So I Never Give Up Verse Two: I continually get back up To handle each match up Never choose to be washed up If you try to diss I won't hold a grudge But I won't let anyone drag me into the mud I do my art of mc'ing for the love Bottomline is I'll remain standing up All the non believing demons'll be defeated I'll remain achieving when you stay schemin' Like Dr. King I'm still dreamin' I rather inspire than get even That inner fire keeps me fiendin' Some might retire but I'm pressin' the gear again I'm going the distance until my last breath is given That's how I choose to be livin' Rollin' up at a higher percentage Takin' up the ranks of the righteous direction Takin' it to church so my light could shine in My higher spirit gears me where I'm going Givin' me the recipe of words to flow with So on that sense Repeat Hook
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