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Found 2 results

  1. Questlove Addresses Hip-Hop’s Illuminati Speculations Questlove is a man that walks in many circles. Aside from being amongst the elite when it comes to musicianship or anything media related, he’s also a well versed culinary enthusiast. And on rare occasions, he even takes on the role of conspiracy theory debunker. At a recent foodie-exclusive event at NYC’s prestigious Core Club, El Capitan responded to an inquiry pertaining to exactly where he stood in terms of hip-hop’s freemasons AKA the Illuminati. Not surprisingly, Questo made quick work out of tying the rumors of hip-hop’s veiled hand to that of American music mythology, but admits that even he gets a little jumpy when he sees his good friends Jay & Bae acting too comfortable around him. I suppose we’ll never definitively know, but take it from Questo, it’s a bit more bark than bite. What do you think? “I think there’s always been this theory of selling your soul to the devil for success since the days of the Delta Mississippi Blues, that folklore has always been sort of prevalent in all of music. I guess it’s unprecedented how most people think Jay Z is the Illuminati leader.” And often times, even though I don’t believe it, I’ve been in a few situations in which I feel uncomfortable with how comfortable they are being in front of me. Like, we’re friends and so sometimes I feel like ‘oh I shouldn’t have seen that’ and now they’re going to kill me.” What do you think? http://www.okayplayer.com/news/questlove-on-hip-hop-illuminati.html
  2. Michelle is working on a new album, which is set to be a mix between her gospel work and her R-N-B music. Destiny's Child has reunited for one of the songs, which you can hear if you click the link below. Sadly, this isn't good as the two previous songs they've recently done. It has this faux Latin/Dance vibe that sounds a little underdone. Hopefully it'll get a more solid remix or something to take it to that next level. http://thesource.com/2014/05/21/listen-to-michelle-williams-new-song-say-yes-featuring-beyonce-kelly-rowland/ Of course this follows 2012's "Nuclear" off their Love Songs compilation... And last years "You Changed off Kelly's most recent album (which is the best of the three songs)...
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