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  1. I doubt many people will understand why I feel this way...but Slum Village's Fantastic Vol.2 is one of my favorite albums of all time. There were amazingly smooth beats courtesy of jay Dee and even one from Pete Rock...amazing guest appearances, from the likes of Kurrupt, Q-Tip, DJ Jazzy Jeff himself, Common, Busta Rhymes and D'Angelo...and T3 and Baatin weren't exactly the most complex with their world play or rhyme schemes, but they had a way of rapping with so much style and confidence that even their least profound rhymes would stay stuck in my head for days....and they are ridiculously quotable if you pay enough attention. The content was pretty much about womanizing and materialism, but it was so unique that even during my "conscious rap" phase I listened to it over and over again.

    I think like millions of people all over the world, just discovered "Off the Wall", I think some hip hop heads should discover this album and realize it's worth....it's sad that two of the people who made it this magical aren't with us anymore.

  2. fair enough...

    But how much better could the album have been if there were beats and rhymes like some of his recent freestyle joints...




  3. my favourite albums of the year:

    1. Mystery Jets - 21

    2. Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs

    3. Foals - Antidotes

    4. We Are Scientists - Brain Thrust Mastery

    5. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Pershing

    6. Coldplay - Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends

    7. Tegan & Sara - The Con

    8. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - Once

    9. Dido - Safe Trip Home

    10. Nas - Untitled

    11. Lykke Li - Youth Novels

    12. The Subways - All or Nothing

    13. Panic At The Disco - Pretty Odd

    14. Sir Simon - Battle

    15. Laura Marling - Alas I Cannot Swim

    16. Chris Walla - Field Manual

    17. Tokyo Police Club - Elephant Shell

    18. eMC - The Show

    19. Common - Universal Mind Control

    20. Scarlett Johansson - Anywhere I Lay My Head

    21. Snow Patrol - A Hundred Million Suns

    22. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles

    23. The Stills - Oceans Will Rise

    24. Kings of Leon - Only by the Night

    25. Tomte - Heureka

    26. Styrofoam - A Thousand Words

    27. Madsen - Frieden im Krieg

    28. Keane - Perfect Symmetry

    29. The Kooks - Konk

    30. Blood Red Shoes - Box of Secrets

    31. Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

    32. Rise Against - Appeal To Reason

    33. Fettes Brot - Strom und Drang

    34. Clueso - So Sehr Dabei

    35. She And Him - Volume One

    36. Cut Off Your Hands - You And I

    37. Kanye West - 808s and Heartbreaks

    38. Funeral For a Friend - Memory And Humanity

    39. Tiger Lou - A Partial Print

    40. Johnny Flynn - A larum

    41. J-Live - Then What Happened

    42. Curse - Freiheit

    43. Fotos - Nach dem Goldrausch

    44. The Killers - Day & Age

    only 6 hip hop albums in my top44.. not that much.. eeew! :/

    Is the new death cab that good? I dig alternative stuff from time to time and really liked the fleet foxes album...

  4. eighties...underrated legend, not often talked about here...I'll give you a hint - this verse was used in two different songs (it was covered by a pretty well respected hip hop act in the early 2000s)...points will be awarded to either answer...

    A mind designed to find a rhyme thats right on time

    One step beyond and not behind the line

    That separates dogs from divine

    Take it as a caution, or a warning sign

    Whether antonyms, words Im blending them

    Homonyms, synonyms, good like m&ms

    With polo and while hes slicing

    Ill turn the mikes last name into tyson

    My brain is like a factory constantly creating

    Material stitch by stitch for decoration

    Lyrics are fabrics, beat is the lining

    My passion in rhyming is fashion designing

    Now it gets odd it, cause people want to sport it

    You bought it, if you didnt then you couldnt afford it

    Poetry full of surprises, its like a game show

    And my brain glows just like a rainbow

    Rappers and poets they already know it

    ****** is a terror not a error and never will I stop reaching for better

    Whether wheels of steel or reel to reel

    ***** will make you feel the real deal

    I usually rap hardcore and I know

    That yall thinking am I somehow semi, so

  5. oops misread the rules, I guess i win!!

    late eighties...often considered one of the greatest mc's....2nd verse...picked an album track so it might be a bit hard...

    o I prescribed her, something to revive

    And surprise her, shes liver and much more wiser

    Than the light I shine when my brain cells spark,

    Come to me so we can glow in the dark

    And soon, you can represent the moon

    As long as I keep ya in tune

    Ill tell ya who ya are and why ya here

    Take it in stride cause it might take a year

    Its funny - how time flies when ya havin fun

    We got close and it was almost one

    She kissed me slow, but you know how far a kiss can go

    F*ck around and miss the show

    So I told her to hold that thought real tight

    We can finish where we left off later on tonite

    Back to the scene of the crime on time

    As they introduced the fiend of the rhyme

    She stood with a birds-eye view of me

    Thinkin of later on of what she would do to me

    The back of the room I could see her eyes gloom

    Patient, but hopin that the show was over soon

    As the place was ripped in half, she made her way to the front row

    So I said lets go

    I packed my mic as they screamed for an encore

    The speakers were blown, plus my mic was sore

    Besides I got places to go, ladies to see

    And she could tell me how crazy she was over me

    We drove off - she said she liked the way that I performed

    And couldnt wait to get soft and warm, I said,

    Ive been watchin you, watchin me

    Looks I received made it hard to mc

    I can take a hint, so I knew that she

    Wanted my agony agony ag-on-y in her bod-y

    Showed her some sights, then I took her to the condo

    She was pipin hot, but I kept my calm so

    She asked how come I dont smile

    I said, everythings fine, but Im in a new york state of mind!

    As we reached the kingdom, she said bring some

    Champagne, shell entertain then sing some

    Sentimental, songs real gentle,

    It hit the spot and you know where it went to

    As we embraced I felt her heart pumpin

    I knew she was in the mood for somethin

    So I laid on my back and relaxed

    It wasnt the perignon that made her collaspe

    Over me

  6. clipse?

    Lol! For future reference to identify a Clipse verse, look for at least one reference to dealing cocaine...

    Q-Tip - Gettin' up

    the album in an almost undisputed rap classic...2nd verse...early nineties

    It's been twenty-two long hard years of still strugglin

    Survival got me buggin, but I'm alive on arrival

    I peep at the shape of the streets

    And stay awake to the ways of the world cause **** is deep

    A man with a dream with plans to make Cream

    Which failed; I went to jail at the age of 15

    A young buck sellin drugs and such who never had much

    Trying to get a clutch at what I could not... could not...

    The court played me short, now I face incarceration

    Pacin -- going up state's my destination

    Handcuffed in back of a bus, forty of us

    Life as a shorty shouldn't be so ruff

    But as the world turns I learned life is hell

    Living in the world no different from a cell

    Everyday I escape from Jakes givin chase, sellin base

    Smokin bones in the staircase

    Though I don't know why I chose to smoke sess

    I guess that's the time when I'm not depressed

    But I'm still depressed, and I ask what's it worth?

    Ready to give up so I seek the Old Earth

    Who explained working hard may help you maintain

    to learn to overcome the heartaches and pain

    We got stickup kids, corrupt cops, and crack rocks

    and stray shots, all on the block that stays hot

    Leave it up to me while I be living proof

    To kick the truth to the young black youth

    But shorty's running wild smokin sess drinkin beer

    And ain't trying to hear what I'm kickin in his ear

    Neglected, but now, but yo, it gots to be accepted

    That what? That life is hectic

  7. Nice one Turn!!!

    Ok this might be kinda hard...

    um...2000ish...rap duos first album...underground classic...first verse

    "Give me the fortune, keep the fame," said my man Louis

    I agreed, know what he mean because we live the truest lie

    I asked him why we follow the law of the bluest eye

    He looked at me, he thought about it

    Was like, "I'm clueless, why?"

    The question was rhetorical, the answer is horrible

    Our morals are out of place and got our lives full of sorrow

    And so tomorrow comin later than usual

    Waitin' on someone to pity us

    While we findin beauty in the hideous

    They say money's the root of all evil but I can't tell

    YouknowhatImean, pesos, francs, yens, cowrie shells, dollar bills

    Or is it the mindstate that's ill?

    Creating crime rates to fill the new prisons they build

    Over money and religion there's more blood to spill

    The wounds of slaves in cotton fields that never heal

    What's the deal?

    A lot of cats who buy records are straight broke

    But my language universal they be recitin my quotes

    While R&B singers hit bad notes, we rock the boat

    of thought, that my man Louis' statements just provoked

    Caught up, in conversations of our personal worth

    Brought up, through endangered species status on the planet Earth

    Survival tactics means, bustin gats to prove you hard

    Your firearms are too short to box with God

    Without faith, all of that is illusionary

    Raise my son, no vindication of manhood necessary

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