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  1. Nice collection. I never got why they didn't do some kind of Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince video collection DVD but oh well.
  2. Oh so you were joking right? I was already packing my bags and moving to other location. Thank god... I'm kind of used to it. I was member of one nice community where people used to take piss out of everything and everyone. Luigie, thanks for the feed.
  3. Nothing ever will top the original thing, but it's always cool to have alternatives.
  4. That album is mediocre at best. A few good tracks and people are going nuts over it. This is what happens when you got the radio full of that Souljah Boy trash, then people will cling onto first thing that sounds even remotely close to real hip hop.
  5. Yeah, thanks for the feed and the welcome. Yup, it is Carlton. :P I better watch out now.
  6. I'm not really sure where this should go, this seems like a good place for this. My own little remix of Brand New Funk (one of my fav JJFP songs). The whole beat made by me (I'm a sampler so don't expect any originality :P), I tried to capture the old school feeling of the original song with new samples to keep it fresh but still kind of close to the original. I've kept some elements of the original Jazzy Jeff mix too (Mardi Gras and Funky Drummer breaks included :P). The highs may be kinda jacked up, I didn't mess with the levels really so either my ears fail me or I don't know what. Well judge for yourself. http://www.zshare.net/audio/17797083db153675/ Feedback (good or bad) is always appreciated and if you like this then I'd be more than happy to show off some more of my remixing work. btw first post, hai guys
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