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  1. 1996 coming up Tupac-When I get free http://youtu.be/zKgVkR2dmUQ
  2. Queen-Dancer http://youtu.be/GpOWPBsgPys
  3. ^ Thanks James Brown-Too funky in here live http://youtu.be/4R4rVaWu89I
  4. ^^ hahah thats the best footage i've seen in a long time :)
  5. LL Cool J-You'll Rock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjL8CN7kprY edit: Guys, how do you embed videos now?
  6. MJ-If you don't love me www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBTOQN-fg3o
  7. Billy Idol-Rebel yell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvxLRwZEx1c
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcjWtB-XuRA&feature=related
  9. liked, always like watching your stuff
  10. yeah! MJ-Price of fame http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovsu6aAywro
  11. Sheila E-Love Bizarre http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZuvk-rgTRQ
  12. Prince-Batdance and i'm also listening to:
  13. I thought this was a modern mixtape, so I ignored the topic, listening now! edit: this is Amazing, slick grooves, rhymes, everything
  14. None of these can proven, its all been reported by the media, crap like TMZ. Ive never heard him defend it that much, hes just never slagged it off bcoz thats not his style. He once said "If i ever became a scientologist my grandmother would roll over in her grave". Thats enough for me. If you wanna believe the garbage people write about him, go ahead, i'd rather stick to facts and what comes out of his mouth. Come On, all of those are facts. I can provide sources if you want, and not from tabloid sources. For example, regarding the school http://www.forbes.co...y-ties-in-2010/ I would not consider Forbes.com a tabloid source by any means The last part of my statement was "Not of the religion", so I agree he isn't a Scientologist My point is if anyone is happy to throw dirt on Tom as crazed/loony/ weirdo, even though none have actually met the guy, then you'd be happy for the media to do the same to Will
  15. Well Will 1) Is close friends with Tom 2) Has publically defended scientology 2) Established a school that teaches on Scientology principles 4) Given out scientology gifts to friends 5) Given money to scientology charities Although not of the religion, Will was very close to it, and very close to having the same media/public reputation that Tom has just saying, its a very fine line..
  16. Well, by that logic, Will is pretty crazy too, at least partially Lets at least be fair...
  17. Yes I believe Scientology is a cult. Does that make Tom a bad person, or just misguided? You know Will was into scientology a little, probably still is, and is friends with him does that make Will half crazy, quarter crazy? or not at all just because were fans of him? People have said the same thing about Will, often. Half the time Will's bragging about himself, but we still love the guy. So why is Tom obnoxious, but Will isn't? Tom probably is controlling, but similar things have been said about Will and just about every divorce. Aren't you doing the same in some respects? (And other members of the board) How would you like it if someone called you or a family member crazy? Just because its an internet forum, does that make it okay? Would you go up to the guy and call him crazy? I honestly don't think so.. I do think Tom is seriously misguided, but he hasn't killed anyone. Im not a fan of his, and i'm not really attacking anyone on here, but the whole media treatment/ large public view that he's some freak makes me sorry for the guy
  18. No, definitely not referring to you (or anyone else on here) lol, just the whole media perception..
  19. While I think his religion is odd, to call him a weirdo and all of this other stuff seems very harsh. How can you really know if he's a nice guy or not if you haven't met him? Seems very unfair to me...
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