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  1. Sorry if already posted "A new interview with Essence magazine, actress Janet Hubert (AKA the first Aunt Viv) dished the dirt ... Here's what they're reporting: Q: The reports were you and Will didn’t get along. Is that true? Aunt Viv: We got along fine. We had so much fun on that set. That’s why I was so shocked. But there was something about Will at that time that I hope has changed. He always had to win. He has an unbelievable competitive spirit. Q: How did all of that affect your career? Aunt Viv: I actually wrote a book, “Murder of a Sitcom Mother.” I needed to set the record straight for my son. [but I’m not] going to publish the book because my soul is healed. I’m getting a chance to talk to you, to talk to the public and to let people hear my side, finally, 15 years later. It was devastating what happened to me afterwards. Unbelievable things happened. It was horrible. Google.Com
  2. he probably took that money they had to give him and threw it in his fireplace.
  3. here's a review of the original, uncut script of Hancock, how it was meant to be presented to us. sorry if already posted. http://www.latinoreview.com/scriptreview.php?id=61
  4. i know exactly what he means by the "sexy chill", i get that everytime I think about a beautiful woman too, it's kinda funny.
  5. as most of the reviews, negative and positive, have said, the first half of the movie was great. the comedy was all sharp and funny, the story felt like it was headed in the right direction, the action was there, etc... but basically from the time Hancock got out of prison on the movie felt rushed for some reason, it was all over the place to me. still a good movie, just the last like 45 minutes was too scattered. i think that can be attributed to them having to edit the movie like crazy to get the pg 13 rating, it was originally an R rated movie. the flaws of the movie are mostly due to the script, not the performances. will and charlize are excellent as usual, as is jason.
  6. Kel writes the verses, Will comes in and goes over them with Kel and re-does them in "Fresh Prince" style so he'll feel comfortable reciting them, he probably erases and adds on lines here and there. I can tell when I'm hearin Will spit rhymes that Kel wrote, I know Kel's flow. I think Will wrote "Why" by himself though, when I listen to it that just sounds like the Fresh Prince of old to me. I don't blame Will for using a ghostwriter, the dude makes over 20 million a movie and is probably THEE biggest star in Hollywood, he doesn't really have that time to be racking his brain writing albums. Before Big Willie Style i'm sure he never even considered using a writer since he had the time and energy to lose himself in the music.
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