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  1. I really looked forward to these shoes :( Seems like they won't be released at all. I hoped that the release was just delayed but I contaced one of the shops which was going to sell them and the answer was that "there aren't any plans to do so [=release them] in future". That sucks man.
  2. Thanks everybody for the pics. That's one HELL of a house o__o
  3. Thanks man! Does anybody have a better quality? I recorded the whole show, but my dvd recorder doesn't quite work as I wish right now *sighs* When I manage to make it work again, I try to upload it. His apperance was great, I absolutely loved him for performing FPOBA at the end :lolsign:
  4. Lost and Found is my favorite album of all his solo albums. Great mix between just party songs like Partystarter or Switch and deeper songs like Tell Me Why or Loretta. Gosh, just gotta love it.
  5. I *so* hope that he comes to Europe, too. Can't wait to get more information about the tour!
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