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  1. As you can imagine it was quite busy and the PRs were moving him on quite quickly but I got in - Will, the world wants to know did you or did you not hit Charlize during filming? To which he declined to answer with a rueful smile, but did say don't believe anything Charlize says about it. You saved the world several times now, is there any other way you can save it? Or will you find something else to do? Why should people go and see Hancock? And that was all I got other than the podcast soundbite. I was so happy with all of it, until I played it back, then i screamed! Ah well, I have the Prince Caspian junket today so, it looks like the next podcast on CPC Movies will be a Caspian edition and not a Hancock edition as previously planned.
  2. Hey Darth..nice review. So the last third of the movie..does it move more into a drama? Do they still retain the dark elements of the original script? Did you notice any scenes that would have been the ones they reshot a few weeks ago? No it kinda smacks of they had a really good thing going and then they ran out of ideas and went ermm how do we end this, oh I know we'll have a final battle that is deviod of any tension and point. Sure theres some emotional drama put in there and the three main players are superb, but you sit there thinking whats the point, its a bit ET for my liking (You'll see what I mean when you watch it). Oh and just met up with Will in London at the Premiere and got a few questions in. Unfortunately the audio is rubbish and unsable as I was right under one of the speakers. I even got him to a soundbite for the podcast, bummer. Still great man.
  3. I would also too like to be included if you take on n00bs from the UK
  4. So R.Kelly got off, so did Micheal Jackson. Movie on there's nothing we can do about it now. Im not saying it's right or wrong but as we will never know the truth and can only work on our own assumptions it's a bit unfair to judge wouldn't you say?
  5. Hi All first poster here. Just wanted to drop in and say I saw the first press screening of Hancock her ein the UK last night. How did I get in I hear you all ask? I run a movie website CPC Movies (Google it) But if your intrested in my review of Hancock then please click HERE (Hancock Review)
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