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  1. Ok. I want to get a new JJFP/WS/JJ cd (You know the deal). The stores around me don't have anything except used stuff (I refuse to buy my favorite artists' music used.) Online the only cd's I have found are the original Greatest Hits from 1998, and Born To Reign. Everything else is mixtapes or imports, or I already have them. Now, the only reason I am interested in getting the greatest hits, is because I can't find Rock The House or And In This Corner..., and I know I'm probably never gonna find them. I only need those 2 to complete the JJFP albums. I figured the Greatest Hits would count for those two because they have some songs on there from those albums. Problem is all the other songs on there I already have from the other albums, so I'm just gonna delete them on my iPod. I'm gonna keep the remixes, FPOBA, Just Crusin', etc. In total it's 9 songs out of 18.

    Then there is Born To Reign. I know this is considered his worst album. I listened to a little bit of some samples and I really like How Da Beat Goes, Black Suits Comin, Maybe. However, I'm not into this whole experimental reggae thing or whatever you want to call it. Is the the whole album like this?

    Basically I am asking would you pay $10 dollars for the greatest hits but only listen to half of the album? Or would you pay basically the same price for a full album of Born To Reign?

  2. Oh no I know what your saying. That everything is so commercialized and it has to be censored over here. It's really wierd though. Like back in the day curse words were heavily censored. And now adays it's considered common to here words like bitch and ass. But for some reason the radio and tv keeps censoring everything. I mean don't they realize that when people go to see the movie they're just gonna here the bad words anyway? And also like you said about will's bad side. Doesn't it seem like now he's more, well I wouldn't say open but I mean it doesn't bother him to say curses. Like in Tell Me Why even though 'F' was bleeped out he still put it in. On the 1 podcast I forget the episode it showed one of their old concerts you can here Will say the N word and he says some really dumb things like "all the people with AIDS sit down" It just makes me wonder.

  3. That trailer is censored. When the lady talks about the liqour, he actually says "Cuz I've been drinkin bitch!" And when the little kid says jerk, thats censored too. She actually says jackass, and Will says "Call me a jackass one more time."

  4. Thank you Julie. This one dude made it for me on another forum. I knew before I registered here I wanted to have a sweet sig. He basically makes your username whatever theme you want it to be, and a GIF animation inside. So I told him my theme would be JJFP with graffitti font and a GIF of the Summertime video. It took him a while to make it and he finally got done today and when I saw it for the first time I was so psyched.

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